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Jeremy Bowen compromises BBC impartiality via Twitter

The flimsiness of the BBC Middle East editor’s adherence to editorial standards of accuracy and impartiality in his own Israel-related reporting is by now legend. It therefore came as little surprise to see that Jeremy Bowen applies a similarly politically motivated approach to the issue of the accuracy of content produced by other media outlets which he chooses to promote on social media. 404 more words


A BBC journalist does his job

Although comparatively rare, it is always a pleasure to be able to note that a BBC journalist has reported accurately and impartially on a topic connected to Israel. 137 more words


When Nobody's Home


Reading historical fiction–or writing it, for that matter–is like settling into a house for the first time. You discover its quirks, the odd angles where surfaces meet, the cranky washing machine, the scuff marks, as well as the pleasing architectural lines, the perfect spot for your favorite chair, or the view from the upstairs window. 445 more words

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BBC both amplifies and conceals PA incitement in report on Jerusalem attack

On October 30th the BBC News website’s Middle East page published a report relating to the attempted murder of Rabbi Yehuda Glick which had taken place in central Jerusalem some four hours previously. 1,336 more words


BBC recycles an AP inaccuracy

On October 28th an article appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page under the title “Egypt ‘plans buffer’ in Sinai against Gaza smugglers… 488 more words


You Learn Something New Every Day...

Today, I learned what an “infographic” is ~ ta-da ->

I’m not surprised by the information it contains, however. What I do find curious is the number of times I’ve been asked to read a manuscript for someone who hasn’t bothered to correct spelling, grammar or punctuation. 252 more words

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