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More Adrian Peterson Accusations Surface

Adrian Peterson has been reinstated by the Minnesota Vikings while his legal troubles play out. The decision was not, the Vikings would like to stress, made because of the poor offensive performance in Sunday’s 23-point loss to the New England Patriots. 356 more words

Is that racism?

Racism is one of the weirdest and most disgusting things in our society. Hating someone just because they have a different skin color is ridiculous.  But it seems that some people are taking advantage of racism. 309 more words

Random Thoughts

Accusation is a killer

” you told her, it’s obvious, who else would do it! I only told a few people”
thank you, my dear friend, after 5 years of friendship it’s nice to know you think it would be this easy for me to tell someone something so secret about your life! 308 more words


Lessons from My Daughter

My dear Fluff, who began secondary school recently <gulp> (how old does that make me?) was given detention today. This is the same girl who won the Year 5 award for ‘Best Attitude to Learning’ and Year 6 award for ‘Exemplary Behaviour’. 385 more words

Life Goes On


Calumny is a breeze…a very gentle zephyr…insensitively thin…slightly sweet…it begins to whisper. It runs and buzzes in people’s ears. Dexterously introduced, into heads and brains, it stuns and swells. 108 more words

07 Observation

Reviling Accusations

During Sunday’s sermon I read a verse that has been with me since.

2 Peter 2:11 Whereas angels, who are greater in power and might, do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the Lord.

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He should never have hit her.  She should never have hit him.  And just because we all know it (or think we know all of the details) doesn’t justify our punitive condemnations.  1,050 more words