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Politics as observed by a correctional employee from the inside out

This site talks about change how Bennett is a believer in ADC and US the rank & file. Continued mistreatment by our senior management is a norm and condoned, encouraged and epitomized by the leader of this Department. 685 more words


Criticism and Accusations

We all receive attacks to our ego in different ways. Some take it and simply disregard its presence. Some swallow it and incorporate the criticism into their daily lives, working to please the other party and improve themselves in the process. 416 more words



Sometimes a certain connection forms,
You feel comfortable with someone.
They make you smile, they make you feel accepted and loved.
And you end up mistaking the friendship for enchantment, 105 more words

Answering Nothing

“Then Pilate asked Him again, saying, ‘Do You answer nothing? See how many things they testify against You?”  Mark 15:4

“But Jesus still answered nothing, so that Pilate marveled.” Mark 15:5… 82 more words


"Rape" being used in comments on HISTORYs new music video "Psycho"

I was going to review HISTORY’s “Psycho” music video yet but when i started seeing comments that included “rape” and “abuse” i decide to do this instead. 1,015 more words


Think of the children!

Despite coming from a broken home and not being allowed to see my father (because he left for another woman, not because of the abuse) and understanding the heartache when, as a child, you just don’t get why. 606 more words


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trash talk

Trash talk often pins the rap on something.