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125 - Ghost Light

We return to the adventures of the Seventh Doctor, but in contrast to Black Orchid, this is a serial that went from being very badly regarded by myself to being rather enjoyed when I bought the DVD. 478 more words

ACE Increases the Literacy of Young Children

ACE: A Community for Education started in 1994 and has provided tutoring to about 17,000 low income students since its inception. They have also provided over one million hours of service to children and families in Central Texas. 265 more words


Vienna a new hot spot for Fashion

Just the utterance of its name evoke images of rustic charm and grandeur; Vienna is a true world city nestled in old world Europe – but make no mistake as it is also a city that is catching up fast with modernity while maintaining its rich heritage and proud history. 447 more words


The Ugly Side of The Male Modelling World

The moment was fleeting, likely innocent, but it provided a glimpse into an aspect of the industry that is usually only whispered about: sexual advances, let’s-make-a-deal suggestions or downright harassment of male models, usually (though not certifiably always) by gay male photographers, designers, casting agents or other industry poobahs. 267 more words


The Season 24 that should have been

Having now consigned Season 24 almost exclusively to the bottom ten, I would now like to conjecture on what could have been done to salvage the show – because in reviewing the four serials that made up Sylvester McCoy’s first season I was struck that none of the stories were irredeemable, merely badly executed. 840 more words

Review Front Booklet Jewel Case Inserts Glossy Finish 100-Pak (100 sheets) and buy from Best Gadgets

# Please e-mail for the template (.doc file) or specs (.pdf file) for this insert.Features : Front booklet insert is die-cut and micro-perforated to allow for ease of printing, separation and insertion into CD jewel case Consists of 2 adjoined cards, which are scored in between to… … 8 more words

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