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Acetone Cleanup Really Works

I’ve written a few times now about my experiments using acetone to smooth rough surfaces (see this post about my first test of brushing acetone directly onto a surface). 186 more words

3D Print

7/16/2014 The Columbia Mammoth Tusk (Day 17)

Moving right along and making sure to continue a fast-forward into my work over these past few months, I give you the completely covered tusk with a 60/40 mixture (acetone/Paraloid) 198 more words


4/12/2014 The Columbia Mammoth Tusk (Day 16)

It’s a new day, with a new chemical compound that I’m still trying to better understand how to work with.  I’m trying to be a glass-half-full person for this project since I’m in such uncharted waters, I find it thrilling and terrifying at the same time.   155 more words


4/11/2014 The Columbia Mammoth Tusk (Day 15)

Looks familiar & all right?…Just a little shinier?…

But upon closer examination…WHAT ARE THESE BUBBLES DOING HERE???!!!  PLASTIC BUBBLES EVERYWHERE!  Okay, don’t panic…Let’s analyze this.  After all, you’re a scientist, Kanya! 177 more words


Acetone High

Firstly, capturing these fine details on my phone camera is a real challenge!

What I’ve done is brush acetone directly onto 1 side of an old 3D print to see how well it cleans up the layers. 235 more words

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"What Are Ketones Anyways?"

When your child is on the ketogenic diet for seizures, the word “ketone” is a part of your everyday vocabulary. Not only do you talk about them, chances are that you measure them regularly as well. 682 more words

Ketogenic Diet For Epilepsy