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Target Think Thursday: Chapter 9

Here we are at Chapter 9: Persistence. This chapter reminded me of sayings my family used to say – “If you don’t get it right the first time, try again.” It’s amazing how these crazy little sayings actually turn out to hold a lot of wisdom which shouldn’t be ignored. 304 more words


Alison Kristensen joined Healthcare Australia to achieve work-life balance

Alison Kristensen joined Healthcare Australia to achieve work-life balance

Case study, 2012

Brisbane nurse, Alison Kristensen always knew she wanted to contribute to other people’s lives in a positive way. 317 more words

Achieve Your Dreams: How to let your heart (and potential) be free!

How many times have we heard, “you can do anything you set your mind to.” But how will our mind take us somewhere that our heart invisibly blocks, despite its deepest and most authentic desires? 405 more words


My Broken Soul I See in Others

Today, I share one of those fun poems that reads almost like a story. I’ve mentioned how poetry was my way of figuring out the world. 771 more words


[Poem][Comfy Couch]

Comfy Couch

Idle sitting on that comfy couch

Feet up high on the coffee table

Bags of chips and bottles of pop

Piling high on either side… 52 more words


Failure is okay…

How comfortable are you with this headline?

Basketballer Michael Jordan has a great quote, “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.”  I work with clients around the fear of failure a lot, and so I want to share with you all, a recent personal experience on some work I have done, where I have received feedback that some have seen it as a failure, and other’s see it as a good attempt, and then others even see it as a success! 231 more words

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