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Conceive + Believe -> Achieve

If you can think of something and believe in your heart, in yourself, you can achieve.



2015.... while we're at it....

2015 – how to make it a good one!

  1. Develop a plan
  2. Start with good people
  3. Avoid the insanity trap
  4. Measure performance

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Beyond What's Shown

“To dream is to think
beyond what’s shown to you;
push beyond what you’ve been taught.”

~ Afua Richardson,
Comic Book Illustrator, Political Activist, Mentor, …
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What is "Success"?

To begin with, I want everyone to get on the same chapter as my mind for a second.

This blog is simply to encourage and empower people to realize their own potential and capabilities. 123 more words


“If you can IMAGINE it, you can ACHIEVE it.
If you can DREAM it, you can BECOME it.”

~ William Arthur Ward,
Author, Educator & Motivational Speaker


” 1. Vividly “imagine” an experience you’d like to have.

2. Feel strong emotion — as if it’s already come true.

3. Repeat.”

~ Lisa Nichols, …

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LIfe Change Listen One word - MY Real Life Story

13 July 2012,i was sitting in the MUmbai Bandstand Bandra,exhausted,in a frusted mood thinking about career,My future,my life,my dad reputation in family and many more teenage tensions.lately i just haven’t been happy.after 15 minutes into bandra bandstan ride,the elderly lady across from me got up,moved next to me,and said,”you’re beautiful.i’m not joking.i was thinking it,and i wanted you to know.” i smiled,thanked her and asked, “Do you usually complement strangers?’.”when i was your age,a woman my age sat next to me on a train.Her compliments saved me from doing something stupid. 74 more words