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Motivational quote for July 28th 2014

You fully embrace each moment, and winning all the little battles allows you to win the greater one. Mariano Rivera


New Look

There┬ámust have been something in the air – certainly change……

I’ve changed my personal website as well as this business one and feel like I am starting to get the two more aligned. 254 more words


Seed of growth

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.

Napoleon Hill



Admitting Achievement

Excessive pride is considered a sin, and is certainly not attractive in an individual, but excessive humility can be just as harmful a trait to possess. 345 more words


MONDAY MENTAL PROTEIN: 10 Habits For Your Personal and Professional Mastery

Today I want to share some deep, simple yet highly effective ideas for living true to your potential. By mastering these habits you unleash your potential and increase the certainty of your ultimate success. 907 more words


Roller Derby: Game Changer.

I have said, repeatedly, that 23 has been my best age. I am about to turn 24 and it is with a touch of sadness that I have to leave behind the age that transitioned me from regular Elle into Attack-O-Belle. 423 more words


Reduce Anxiety in Students

Before our discussion about reducing anxiety in children, just below is a brief anecdote, a true story from my teaching days in rural Mississippi. Names have been altered. 3,122 more words