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A chrysalis is a hard shell that shrouds the metamorphosis of an insect from its larval stage to its mature moth or butterfly form. It’s not a transformation with larval legs becoming moth legs or larval eyes becoming butterfly eyes. 245 more words

Technique And Demo

Do I have to be motivated to enjoy my Life?


“What get’s You up in the morning?” is an age old and often used question/metaphor to determine your attitude to your life and to your determination to be successful. 569 more words

Purpose & Renewal

Commit To Change

Change your mind and it will change your life.  That is what we are all learning to do on the Millionaires In Training mastermind call every morning. 268 more words

The Law Of Success

being a twentysomething.

 While I may not have my entire life together, and I continue to experience uncertainties, I am proud to say that – at 24 – I’ve achieved these goals and more. 1,040 more words


Motivational quote for July 28th 2014

You fully embrace each moment, and winning all the little battles allows you to win the greater one. Mariano Rivera


New Look

There must have been something in the air – certainly change……

I’ve changed my personal website as well as this business one and feel like I am starting to get the two more aligned. 254 more words