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It. Is. Done.

After hours of being managed by our all-powerful President, our successes as far back as we can dig have finally been digitally immortalized. To view them simply go to the “Success” page… 120 more words


Your Own Words--Questions Week

I’ve always had a particularly difficult time appreciating my own work, and I think this is true of most creative people. I’ve known a lot of artists, unrelated to even writing, and few of them have ever said  254 more words


Greenest The First Hour (9pm - 10pm)

The party met each other on the southern outskirts of Greenest. Alton, the thief, was serving as a scout for the escort for a merchant caravan. 1,129 more words


A Quick 1, 2......

I’ve somehow managed to fall into a situation where I’ve been able to complete the very first 2 goals on my list! These were the first thoughts of things I’d really like to do, never really thinking about what it would take to get them completed. 382 more words

The Brown Scholars

A few days after being accepted into the school of public health, my wife and I had a discussion on how to pay for it all. 1,129 more words




Success is all we desire

But how much have we acquired?

Walking through to get all that we have always desired

Obstacles are scattered everywhere… 234 more words

Good job Gabriel!

Fantastic effort on your homework task Gabriel. Your Titanic model looks totally awesome! Is there a future career here? Thank you for your effort in this. Keep up the good work!

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