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The Art of (Never) Giving Up

I’ve always loved slow motion montages in movies – you know, the ones where some epically inspiring soundtrack accompanies the exact moment a defeated protagonist takes a seemingly fatal fall (and all seems lost to despair and hopelessness). 1,121 more words


Gas For Your Brain (How To Stay Motivated)

As discussed in a previous post – here – achievements in life typically happen slowly, one step at a time.  Progress can sometimes be painfully slow and boring; it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. 549 more words

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Connecting The Dots

In a previous post I referenced a commencement address Steve Jobs gave to students at Stanford University- find it here. During the speech Steve talks about how his successful life played out and the details/events of his life being the “dots”.  343 more words

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Quit Your Job

Quitting anything sucks. You’ve invested a lot of time at that place, massaged the feet of many an executive, and held back from slapping the boss’s face in front of you mid lecture.   578 more words

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BEWARE! People May Be Stealing Your Dream, Burying Your Purpose

This morning a gentleman arrives for life coaching. His name is Woody (not the actor). I ask him to sit and tell me what he wants. 518 more words

Achieving Dreams

Slow The Heck Down

We all know to eat the elephant one bite at a time. Trying to do too much can just get you down and even seriously depressed. 292 more words

Achieving Dreams

The Real Secret To Everything

Everything happens in a moment, and everything is a result of a thought. It is your thoughts moment to moment that shape your emotions, actions, life. 173 more words

Achieving Dreams