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AFI's Goal Update - Vertigo

Well, this isn’t my favorite Hitchcock creation. Though, it was entertaining. I felt sorry for the main guy. Agoraphobia is not a fear I want to have. 119 more words


AFI's Goal Update - Sunset BLVD

This is my second film noir movie. And I must say it was more interesting to me than Double Indemnity. The main female character was far more interesting because she was a bit mentally unstable. 170 more words


Livin' It Up.

My life goes a little something like this. Im 19 years old. Im currently a college student studying Automotive Technology, with the dream of owning my own performance shop in the future. 279 more words


Its Going To Be a Bright Sun Shiny Day

Jim Carrey discussed — here — he believes his ability to bring out the very best in people when their around him, is his proudest accomplishment he’s made.   151 more words

Personal Development

AFI's Goal Update - Double Indemnity

Well, I just watched my first and probably only film noir movie. It was interesting and fit the stereotype that I had in my mind. The fast talking, the word play, the narrating, the use of the word “dame”, femme fatale, dark and shadowy, and of course the detective type character that moves the plot along with his questions. 110 more words


AFI's Goal Update - The Gold Rush

I finally watched a Charlie Chaplin movie! And I really enjoyed it! I saw The Gold Rush on Hulu and there were times where I actually laughed heartily. 103 more words


take my word for it.

Dear Me at 18:

You probably haven’t the slightest clue who I am. And you won’t for a while. Someday, I think we’ll find a point on the map of time and space, mind and soul that makes sense for the both of us. 926 more words