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The Loss Of My Face

It was a Wednesday in early December, of about a decade ago. We had just come out of Mocambo a well-known restaurant off Park Street in Calcutta, after dinner, at about 1030pm. 784 more words

Forever Beautiful

Among a collection of the breathtaking pictures of the year 2014…these are the pics which have captured the moments beyond any words. They scream out to you, remind you once again of this heinous act of acid-attack and its aftermath. 107 more words

Acid Attacks

I just wanted to say that I’m not going to show any of the graphic images of acid attack victims, out of complete disgust as to what humans can lower themselves to, but I absolutely fucking hate, with every inch of my fibrous being, people who throw acid on another person. 160 more words

Social Justice

Acid Attacks: The New Gender Terrorism.

Mumbai: “With her head bend down , staring at the floor, saliva running down her skin, a woman is unable to lift her head or close her mouth. 835 more words

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Many people criticize mommy bloggers that we romanticise motherhood. After dirty diapers, saggy breasts and sexless nights, the only romance that is left in our lives is our make-believe world of blogging. 590 more words

Child And I

Gender Violence in India Report 2014: Acid Attacks

An acid attack is the premeditated act of throwing concentrated acid (usually sulfuric, nitric, or hydrochloric acid) on the body of another person. The purpose of this is to intentionally disfigure and cause extreme physical and emotional pain to the victim. 1,114 more words

Gender Violence