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You a City


I’m standing on the roof of a four-story building downtown in a city. I’ve just taken Ecstasy. I don’t feel ecstasy. I feel what I learned later to be verging on a psychotic panic. 768 more words

Creative Nonfiction & Memoir


I made it as far as the tree that grew behind our house, closer to the apartment complex than to us. Suddenly I couldn’t move. My body allowed me to sit down on the cold grass, and there I stayed. 476 more words


Rabbit Hole

It seems that Alice has gone and done it again

Strayed too far from home and fallen further in

Ages have passed since her childhood adventures… 310 more words

Images And Words

The People of the Strange Town

You the people, of the strange town,

who bring strange tidings!

You the people, of the unknown time.

You, the people who are not connected… 127 more words


The Light Gave It Away

Light is our friend and light is deceit and all the same while light is a phenomenon. A call for the oblivious–for the one who is so, is in dark. 310 more words

Dear Diary