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Rabbit Hole

It seems that Alice has gone and done it again

Strayed too far from home and fallen further in

Ages have passed since her childhood adventures… 310 more words

Images And Words

The People of the Strange Town

You the people, of the strange town,

who bring strange tidings!

You the people, of the unknown time.

You, the people who are not connected… 127 more words


The Light Gave It Away

Light is our friend and light is deceit and all the same while light is a phenomenon. A call for the oblivious–for the one who is so, is in dark. 310 more words

Dear Diary

159. Casual Friday

When a couple of disgruntled office workers accidentally spike the water cooler at work with liquid LSD on casual Friday, they begin to discover how much they really love their jobs as they struggle to control the most out-of-control workday in history and keep the themselves from being fired come Monday.


Trippy Cats Take the Spotlight in Jimmy Edgar's "Who's Watchin" Video

I’m not sure how you feel about cats staring at you, but it can be creepy! And in Jimmy Edgar’s new video for his single “Who’s Watchin,” we’ve got a handful of trippy cats piercing into our souls with their big eyes. 42 more words



Lets run in circles. And run on pathways. And after trains. And circles. Discovering isn’t very hard.

Lets just roll over the grass. On hills. And sand. 164 more words

Of Choices.

In Which, Leaves Turn Grey

“The Dark never enters, but it also never leaves”

The leaves meditated

Beneath the purple sky

Above the yellow fiery sea

They had fallen from the tree, 90 more words