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How I spent the Equal Marriage Midnight

So, midnight yesterday marked the beginning of the Equal Marriage …Act? .. Thingy. Which means that same-sex couple can now get married!! Whooo! And you probably already knows this, and I’m kinda late in writing this, but I was casually strolling through BuzzFeed and saw how… 139 more words

Acid Trip

!!!111!!!! AM I BACK???? |oOo|

AAAAARGHHH!!! I have just returned from my interstellar intergalactic and inter-dimensional journey and can safely confirm I will be writing in this body regularly.

So many stories to tell, so many letters to type. 98 more words

Acid Trip

Art Dump 2

i totally forgot about this one.  i made it last july. my friend Bridgette took the photo of me on canada day last year.  plus some random internet fruits an veg.  84 more words

A dream I had some months ago that was very lucid.

I ended up in a beautiful world with fields of green and trees that move and breathe.

I went to a place where birds were vibrant like a sky lit with fireworks and seasons passed every minute… 996 more words

Acid Trip

What is God?

Alan Watts said that we are all apertures of the universe, he described it like this: if you were to take a lamp, which would in this example represent the universe and throw a black cloth over it and then poke a bunch of tiny holes in said cloth we, along with all other living beings would be represented by the tiny holes. 216 more words