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Water and its role in our life

WATER – Drink of a wise person

Guys, today I am gonna discuss few issues about water

Firstly we will see why we have to drink water. 448 more words

Exploding Volcanoes

Double, double toil and trouble! Who doesn’t like bubbling explosions from a volcano? We made this a STEaM activity (+art) by making papier-mache volcanoes and painting them. 432 more words

Haircare Promises

Have you ever paused in the shower to read the back of your shampoo/conditioner bottles and attempted to comprehend even one word of the active ingredients?   327 more words


Buffers for bluffers

A little while ago now I wrote a post entitled Amazing Alkaline Lemons?. It’s been very popular, sort of. Well, it’s elicited an awful lot of comments anyway. 553 more words

Everyday Chemistry

How much fun school was yesterday! My Mom and I went to Viveka’s house for a chemistry lesson, since Viveka’s and my mom do the teaching together. 194 more words


Acids and Bases

1. Write 2 properties of acids. Name three things you can find at home that contains an acid.
2. Write 3 properties of bases.
3. Why is caustic soda the main ingredient in drain cleaners? 196 more words


Basics of Acids.


  • Acids dissolved in a lot of water are called dilute acids whereas, a concentrated acid is dissolved in less water. Therefore, the more diluted an acid is, the more water it is dissolved in and the more concentrated an acid is, the less water it is dissolved in.
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