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Buffers for bluffers

A little while ago now I wrote a post entitled Amazing Alkaline Lemons?. It’s been very popular, sort of. Well, it’s elicited an awful lot of comments anyway. 553 more words

Everyday Chemistry

How much fun school was yesterday! My Mom and I went to Viveka’s house for a chemistry lesson, since Viveka’s and my mom do the teaching together. 194 more words


Acids and Bases

1. Write 2 properties of acids. Name three things you can find at home that contains an acid.
2. Write 3 properties of bases.
3. Why is caustic soda the main ingredient in drain cleaners? 196 more words


Basics of Acids.


  • Acids dissolved in a lot of water are called dilute acids whereas, a concentrated acid is dissolved in less water. Therefore, the more diluted an acid is, the more water it is dissolved in and the more concentrated an acid is, the less water it is dissolved in.
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"Introducing Gene Music Videos: Codon Table Song and Nucleo..." - nomunak sep 2010 re: google video search

“Gene Music was born out as a DNA base-to-pitch assignment (A=la, T=sol, C=mi, G=re) and extended to amino acids to play any gene and protein of interest. 12 more words

Skin University

If you don’t know who Caroline Hirons is, take a deep breathe and get ready for your world to be shaken.


Your skin can thank me later. 332 more words


Le Chatelier's Principle

In my post on chemical equilibrium, I explained that a reaction is at equilibrium when the rates of the forward reaction and the reverse reaction are equal. 1,090 more words