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Acne Treatment: Pimples Treatment: Facial Pimples- Dermatologist

Acne Vulgaris: Dermatology: Specialist to treat facial pimples

Acne is a skin disease categorized by pimples on the person’s face, back, chest, shoulders and neck. It develops when skin follicles get clogged and infected with oils, dead skin cells, bacteria. 394 more words

Facts about pimples

Pimples are medically known as Acne vulgaris.
It is very common problem affecting skin…onset of pimples is generally at age 12-14 years. Although basic cause of acne is unknown several pathogenic mechanism are responsible for example increase sebum secretion,some bacteria like propionibacterium… 356 more words

Minocycline for acne: potential adverse effects

Garner SE, Eady A, Bennett C, Newton JN, Thomas K, Popescu CM. Minocycline for
acne vulgaris: efficacy and safety. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2012 AugĀ 15;8: CD002086. 637 more words