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Risky business for providers: Building value-based and market-based models

In a previous post, we outlined the five key actions needed to begin and successfully take on patient medical risk in a value-based reimbursement environment: Market Assessment; Strategic Structure; Population-Based Planning; Financial and Capacity Planning; and Value-Transformation Road map.


Healthcare Change is Not Coming. Healthcare has Changed!

Why Clinical Integration is Essential for the Future of Independent Physicians

Guest post by Ben Humphrey, MD, CPE, MGO Healthcare Consulting (1,2,3)

We’re past the tipping point and are proceeding headlong into new market-driven accountability for quality, cost and value. 572 more words


Risky business for providers: Five key actions to establish medical risk-bearing

Value-based models are becoming a normal part of the health care provider landscape. Several accountable care organizations (ACOs) are already taking on higher levels of patient medical risk, which means there are financial stakes in improving health and quality across the populations they serve. 473 more words


Gain Industry Insights and Perspectives in One Comprehensive Resource

We are pleased to present our 2014 Thought Leadership Compendium. In its seventh year of publication, our compendium provides a comprehensive summary of industry knowledge written or presented by ECG consultants throughout 2013. 85 more words


The ACO have started posting Le Mans 2014 tickets!

I received an email earlier this week, from the ACO (which oddly landed in my GMail spam folder) which advised that tickets for the 2014 24 hours of Le Mans are being sent via their courier. 55 more words