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"Wake Me Up" Cover

First song I’ve recorded on the guitar! I hope you enjoy it.


This Week In Music (T.W.I.M.)

Looking forward to this Thursday evening’s rehearsal with the band HomeBrew as  we prepare for Saturday evening’s gig; a 50th wedding anniversary out at Pumpkin Ridge.   114 more words

Dirt Road Diary By Luke Bryan Chords

Dirt Road Diary By Luke Bryan Chords. Dirt Road Diary By Luke Bryan takes me back and makes me reminisce. the chords are fairly easy. I strum each chord down down up up down. 474 more words


Soundcloud MVP (most views & plays)

I have been a heavy user of the streaming service Soundcloud starting late 2013.

Since then, this account has had 1,367 plays,

including numerous downloads, subscribers and such. 106 more words


Make Music, Not War...

New York, July 27, 2014. Luckily, like most of us – I never had to directly experience any war zone or heinous crime directly – but the last two weeks probably there were some of the most depressing and horrific events featured in the news one after another, with no end in sight….and all of those caused by the barbarism, territoriality and deliberate cruelty of humans. 921 more words


Tim Hardin

James Timothy Hardin died of a heroin overdose in late December 1980, three weeks after John Lennon was shot. He was 39 years old. A fine singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist; his greatest work was released on the Verve label, best known for their jazz records. 402 more words

Tim Buckley

Bringin' Back Old-School Taylor Swift

I counted up the number of attempts I have saved on my brother’s laptop: seventeen. That plus the few on my iPod I had recorded before that unreliable thing died on me. 143 more words