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Our Trip to Dinosaur Hill

Community Involvement at Dinosaur Hill-

On September 6, 2014 the Memtech Acoustical team took a trip to Dinosaur Hill, where we were seeking to help out the organization in any way possible. 175 more words

Product of the Week- FAQ

Sonex Curtains- Barrier Backed

1.) What are these curtains made of and what purpose do they serve?

Sonex Curtain BB is a composite that features sound absorptive willtec foam quilted with a vinyl facing on one side, bonded to a reinforced noise barrier material. 113 more words

Learning About Noise Control

What is Noise Control and why do We Need it?

Did you know that in the United States, approximately 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise on a daily basis? 435 more words

Product of the Week FAQ

Product of the Week- Sonex Wedges

1.) What is the difference between a Sonex Super Wedge and a Sonex Max Wedge?

Sonex Wedges, including Sonex Super and Sonex Max, provide maximum sound absorption for a variety of applications. 220 more words

Office Noise

Acoustics in the Office

When working in an office, employees are faced with all different types of sounds on a day to day basis. Sounds that range from the whistling of the air conditioner to the chatter taking place in the next cubicle over. 467 more words

Product of the Week FAQ

Sonex Clean Products FAQ

1.) What purpose do these products serve and in what applications are they best suited for?

Sonex Clean products are used in environments that require noise control such as bottling and food processing plants, clean rooms and food preparation areas, as well as aquatic centers and gymnasiums. 119 more words

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