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Product of the Week FAQ

Sonex Clean Products FAQ

1.) What purpose do these products serve and in what applications are they best suited for?

Sonex Clean products are used in environments that require noise control such as bottling and food processing plants, clean rooms and food preparation areas, as well as aquatic centers and gymnasiums. 119 more words

YouTube Channel

Looking for more information about our products? Check out our #YouTube channel! http://ow.ly/AOD2t

Noise in the Restaurant

Noisy Restaurants

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the atmosphere is great, the décor is inviting, and the food smells delectable? However, have you in turn ever been to a restaurant that had great potential, but the fact that you can’t hear what the person 2 ft. 358 more words

Product of the Week- Contour Ceiling Tiles

Contour Ceiling Tiles FAQ

1.) What purpose does this ceiling tile fulfill? What makes these tiles unique?

CONTOUR tiles with a backerboard have a ceiling attenuation class (CAC) of 34 to help contain sound – thus making them ideal for applications requiring additional privacy. 138 more words

Construction Noise

Construction Noise

Though construction is temporary, it seems to be found practically anywhere. It feels like there is always a plaza to be built, a road to be fixed, or an apartment complex to be assembled. 385 more words

Product of the Week FAQ

Product of the Week- Willtec Sheets 

  • What are these sheets made of and what purpose do they serve?

Willtec foam is made from lightweight porous melamine and meets several requirements for fire resistance, heat shielding, sound control and cushioning without compromising important characteristics such as weight, flexibility, or reasonable cost. 145 more words

Learning About Noise

Learning About Noise

Noise, we hear it all day long. It’s everywhere we go, in our cars, in our homes, at the office, you name it. 358 more words