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Gábor Lázár - EP16

Gábor Lázár , sound artist from Budapest, released few days ago his new EP 16 via The Death Of Rave.

We found the minimalist approach of this EP quite fascinating.   49 more words


Are there differences in auralisation between the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni and a modern auditorium with the same RT60?

Some ancient structures have psychoacoustic effects on human brain which alter the brainwave frequency. Our study aims to show that the differences between the acoustics of Hal-Saflieni and a modern auditorium are perceptible.  20 more words

Interior Space Analysis - Acoustics, Access and Fire Exits

Monday 20th October -

During this meeting be we decided that my final plan would be used on the presentation. As well as this, we also make a list of the sections are perspective drawing that were needed to accompany the plan sketch. 396 more words

Project 1

Long time, no see!

Well since the end of my festival season at the end of August (LEEDS FEST) I’ve been in a bit of a whirlwind of activity. This year was going to be a university year but as it happens I’ve actually ended up working for Bang & Olufsen in Denmark. 89 more words


Audi 3D-Sound with Bang & Olufsen at CES

Audi Denver

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Found this short video online talking about one of the first cars to have height speakers built within the car design. This type of speaker placement puts the audio inside the car at head height rather than at waist height which is the most common placement level of current car audio systems. This is a big move forward for 3-D sound. This type of car audio does create two questions: 1. Will radio every be broadcast using this technology? 2. Will there be much content created within the music business to make use of these extra speakers or will there just be a 'Wow' button on the car stereo panel?

Lauren Wilmoth: Strange Sea Creatures, October 16th, 2014

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Lauren Wilmoth

Aboard NOAA Ship Rainier



Mission: Hydrographic Survey

Geographical area of cruise: Kodiak Island, Alaska

Date: Friday, October 16th, 2014… 1,123 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea