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Quiet please! We're trying to learn.

If students cannot hear, how can they learn? Why is sound such a difficult issue in schools?

Imagine that you are sitting in the middle of the room and all you can hear is a garbled “mash” from the teacher. 463 more words


Spring Cleaning

March certainly was busy and while April is a bit more tame, I have events I am constantly preparing for; once again, all very good things that make for a happy life but could be considered ‘distractions’ from the pursuit of my goal.  428 more words

Plane Annoyance

There are some noises in life that are really annoying and others that we just learn to live with; aircraft and airport noise are often subject to a lot of debate as different people would put them into different categories. 953 more words


What does it all mean?

It is quite exciting waiting for the daily update of information from our hive monitors.  Unfortunately an update to the software took place a couple of days after we installed them, causing the weather symbol to keep reverting to thunder and the cloud of bees above each hive to not work quite as hoped.  246 more words

Hughenden Manor


two waves in phase will reinforce,
create a pulsing beating heart;
a hum – in neither, only in both-
vanish’d when they are sound apart. 141 more words


Project Kingfisher - Kirby Misperton Geographic Documentation

Understanding the conditions of the site will always allow for a background to the concepts that are delivered.

In this instance, the context is very important to the project, as the landscape around Kirby Misperton is very barren. 142 more words


Setting Up the Audioengine A2+ Speakers

Let us again understand that the A2+ speakers are a mini monitor loudspeaker and not computer desktop speakers. Of course they are marketed as a computer speakers because that allows them to enter a big field which is popular and growing. 566 more words