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Epidaurus Theatre

The Epidaurus Theatre is a famous ancient structure in the Peloponnesus. Amazingly, it can seat up to 14,000 audience members. The acoustic quality of the ancient theatre should be considered a minor miracle. 253 more words


Submarine Stealth: Acoustic Considerations

“Quietness gives a submarine twin advantages: it is harder to detect, while its own sensors become more sensitive as self-induced noise diminishes.” (Submarine Technology for the 21st Century, 2e… 565 more words


Turbulence and Noise

I have produced some notes for a final year aerospace engineering unit on Turbulence and Noise (PDF). The introduction reads:

This is not a textbook and should not be read as one.

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Noise in the Restaurant

Noisy Restaurants

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the atmosphere is great, the décor is inviting, and the food smells delectable? However, have you in turn ever been to a restaurant that had great potential, but the fact that you can’t hear what the person 2 ft. 358 more words

Product of the Week- Contour Ceiling Tiles

Contour Ceiling Tiles FAQ

1.) What purpose does this ceiling tile fulfill? What makes these tiles unique?

CONTOUR tiles with a backerboard have a ceiling attenuation class (CAC) of 34 to help contain sound – thus making them ideal for applications requiring additional privacy. 138 more words

Reactive Cellopener for Polyurethane Rigid Foams


 Number/Link: US2014/0231708

Applicant/Assignee: LG Electronics

Publication date: 21-08-2014

Gist”:  A silicon oil together with the lithium-salt of 12-hydroxystearic acid is used as cellopener for rigid VIP foams. 136 more words


Seeing sound - A new acousto-optic scanning technique

A new laser-driven technique developed at NPL to allow remote and rapid mapping of sound fields. Particularly useful for looking at speaker directivity characteristics. Measurements made at a distance of 3m from speaker. 10 more words