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3D Jazz from the front row : Part 2 of 2 - Converting 3D audio to a headphone mix

This is a joint blog post done with my workmate Danny Wellens. You can read about how this 3D recording was made by visiting his… 530 more words

3D Sound

Recording The New Outliers (Part 1)

Last night I started working on the new full length recording project by local RVA rock band, The New Outliers.  The Outliers decided to take the (now common) DIY approach of recording most of the basic tracks (drums, bass, guitars) in the converted garage that doubles as their rehearsal space.   620 more words


Sound Advice on Hearing Protection for Young Ears-via Noisy Planet

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) occurs when tiny sensory cells in our inner ear, called hair cells, are damaged by sounds that are too loud and that last too long. 840 more words

Ingrid Plum

Ingrid Plum is a Brighton-based Composer/Musician www.ingridplum.com

“I find that feminist context emerges as part of my practice through my eschewing of boundaries that would be projected upon my choice of roles, rather than by making work that individually and specifically addresses feminist issues… I do not usually frame my work as feminist in itself. 288 more words

Ekho:: Toward A Repetitive Sounding Of Difference

Building a Home Theater

Create a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home
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Plate Vibration Response to Oblique Acoustic Pressure Field

The Steady-State Response of a Baffled Plate Simply-Supported on All Sides Subjected to Harmonic Pressure Wave Excitation at Oblique Incidence:


* * *

The scripts for performing this calculation are given at: 37 more words

Structural Dynamics