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Dispensing Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Singapore Companies

If your company is a private limited company, you may dispense with the holding of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by following the procedures for dispensation: 189 more words


Certificate of Incorporation of Singapore Companies


ACRA (Singapore Registrar of Companies) doesn’t issue any Certificate of Incorporation at time of incorporation and an e-notification of incorporation is generated electronically, which bears no signatures… 208 more words


Abolishment of Authorised Capital and Share Premium for Singapore Companies

In most of commonwealth countries, there is this concept of authorised capital. Authorised capital refers to the maximum permissible amount of capital up to which the share capital of the company can be increased. 160 more words


Charge Filings (Creation, variation or satisfaction of Charges) for Singapore Companies

Whenever there is a facility provided by a bank or a financial institution or a lender, they usually take a security in form of charges being created and such charges must be lodged with ACRA via bizfile ( 207 more words