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Thoughts on the IL Framework Drafts

If you came here expecting to find a new or groundbreaking perspective on the Framework recently released by ACRL, my sincerest apologies, dear visitor. In truth, I have very little to add to the conversation. 674 more words


ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education - Part 2 - Review

So ACRL knew that we all simply could never wait until June to get our hands on more of the Information Literacy Framework. I discuss the first half… 777 more words

Information Literacy

Publishing Rollercoaster ACRL Webinar

Yesterday I was able to attend an ACRL webinar about publishing ups and downs over at Queensboro Community College. These are my notes as I took it down. 771 more words


Unifying the Literacies (Can It Really Be Done?)

The ACRL is in the process of redefining information literacy as a metaliteracy, based largely on work by Mackey and Jacobson (2011): “Metaliteracy is an overarching and self-referential framework that integrates emerging technologies and unifies multiple literacy types…Metaliteracy challenges traditional skills-based approaches to information literacy by recognizing related literacy types and incorporating emerging technologies.” 335 more words

Information Literacy

ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Part 1 - Review

The Association of College and Research Libraries is currently in the process of revising their information literacy standards they adopted in 2000. They are ditching the language of standards this go around and are instead creating a… 927 more words

Information Literacy

21st Century Literacy: True or Not?

When you boil it all down, information literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information needed. With the increasing importance of technology in our society (at work, school, and at home), it is crucial that our students learn these skills. 244 more words

Guest post: ACRL Information literacy immersion program

This post comes from our Hong Kong, China Country Coordinator, Leo Ma. Leo and his colleague Lily Ko recently published an article on the… 112 more words