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3D design; Acropolis Museum

After reviewing Shigeru Ban’s work on the Aspen Art Museum, I was reminded of my recent visit to the Acropolis museum in Athens.
Designed by Bernard Tsuchumi, I was struck by the modern building comprising mostly of marble and glass, and how it curved around and over the exhibits to show the full range of antiquities collected from the age of the acropolis. 127 more words

3D Design

The Parthenon: Pediments

“Such is the bloom of perpetual newness, as it were, upon these works of his, which makes them ever to look untouched by time, as though the unfaltering breath of an ageless spirit had been infused into the… 1,101 more words


On The Ground: I go Greek!

I recently returned from Athens delighted from my visit to the Acropolis Museum. The beautiful space is only about five years old and already beloved by Athenians and tourists. 87 more words

Ed Salvato

Parthenon: A Temple for All Time

“Earth proudly wears the Parthenon
As the best gem upon her zone.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Problem.

As promised last week we are moving on to the Parthenon which is one of the most iconic pieces of Classical Greek architecture ever built.

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"Barbaric Leader" - Who Is This Statue Of?

Head of a young barbaric leader. Found inside the Theatre of Dionysus, 2nd Century AD. Acropolis Museum, Athens. Photo: Nikos Daniilidis.

I love this gorgeous statue! 13 more words

Ancient History

A Beginning with Mourning Athena

I’d like to begin this blog with a story.

I was seventeen when I first discovered my passion. In my final year of high school our science class had been hauled up to the local university to sit in on some presentation or lecture. 814 more words


Individuals of the past at the Athens Acropolis Museum

On the occasion of European Heritage Days and World Tourism Day from Friday the 26th of September 2014 to Sunday the 28th of September 2014, the Acropolis Museum will present the famous bust of Aristotle discovered in 2005 during excavations of its site. 257 more words