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Empathy, an Acrostic

Extend your soul from its deepest self
Meeting sorrow while not fearing pain
Place your feet in their shoes of sadness,
A… 34 more words


Acrostic Poem_ASSAIL


by Nayeon Kim

Assailing someone or something is rude.

Suddenly and strongly you ruin his mood.

Sometimes, however, assailing is needed. 28 more words


You lust

Yearning is what we all do, if
Only for a glimpse at something, or an
Utterance of a few specific words.
Losing yourself is not hard and you may… 15 more words

Acrostic Poem #1

I found a writing prompt on reddit to write an acrositic poem based on mythology or proverbs.  I decided to go in a slightly different direction.   144 more words


Fuck It And Run

Freedom is what we’re all searching for,
Underneath all our masks and smiles that hide
Carefully considered responses to carefully considered questions
Killing time through forced small talk and drama aroused by nothing… 77 more words

Classroom Acrostic Poem

Right before falling asleep the other night, I had a beautiful light bulb moment. I was thinking about my lesson for the next day (do people in other careers do this?!), and I needed some kind of opening activity to get kids thinking about social studies. 78 more words

Standard 3: Planning And Preparing

Writing Comes First. Even Before Sleep.

I am so tired. Like eyelids physically can’t stay open. But I must write. So I’ll write about sleep. This is my acrostic poem… can’t think of a fantastic name… calling it… 26 more words