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WARNING: Arrogance Ahead

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. –Friedrich Schiller

So you think you know more than me?
There’s no way that can be true.
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How about something different? Or Acrostic poems on photos

As I stated in another of my blogs out there I am more than a writer of stories, I am also a photographer and a poet. 158 more words


That Time Again - SoC

A moment in time to check,
Registration takes longer than you’d think,
Even with everything going digital and online.
You better make sure you have enough paper! 173 more words
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Don't Hop Here!

Please oh please go away!
Listen to me for once!
Or maybe you could just stop coming?
There isn’t enough time in the day! 66 more words

Decision - A Ride

Don’t hesitate to make that choice
Especially when you have a voice.
Circumstances will always change
Inside a person, don’t think it’s strange, 100 more words

Things to Remember

First and foremost
Only do what is needed.
Listen to what people aren’t saying.
Listen to how they say what they do. 140 more words
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Animal Family Members - Thankful Thursday

First and foremost, they are not stupid.
At times their personalities more than shine through.
Most learn to control their tempers, though… 125 more words
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