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Paper Caper/Pocket Planet

This is an example of composition as balancing act. About forty years ago Professor Scott of the University of Arizona had us strip works of David (pronounced Dah-Veed) and Poussin (pronounced Poo-Saaan, sort of)  to the essentials of gestural lines. 155 more words

Climate Change Acrostic

Melting glaciers on high tropical mountains are a symptom of

Environmental problems to come.  Many low

Latitude, high mountain glaciers are at a… 42 more words


Mom - Senryu

Mom would exclaim when
Ornery child chafed at bit
Must hold your horses

The Wednesday poetry prompt at Writer’s Digest was to write a poem, Hold _ . 90 more words

you are worthy.

y our worth is something no
o ne can’t take from you. You are
u nique and special and only Christ defines you

a nd he says you are… 30 more words


false horizon falser horizontal

One reason there are lots of instruments in the cockpit of an airplane is that sometimes pilots cannot rely on their senses. Their semicircular canals tell them one thing, the view out the window another, and the instruments contradict both. 172 more words

Gary Bowers

Ocean x 2 (Acrostic)


Open expanse of liquid luminescence

Cerulean blue, deep saline

Essential to man &

All known life

Nature nurtures


Obliged, we are to your… 16 more words

Artists 4 Peace

Trail--Tom Mix--Spoon

Anyone heard of Trail Mix? Sure you have!

Anyone heard of Tom Mix? No? Well, he was a movie cowboy. He pre-dated, and paved the way for, John Wayne. 130 more words