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September Songlet

SEPT: A group believing itself derived from a common ancestor.
EMBER: A small piece of wood or burning coal in a dying fire.

OCTO: Prefix for Eight. 114 more words

ah, siblings

So, my 7 year old bro came into my room yesterday and asked if he could write an acrostic poem. And while he lay on my bed writing it, he asked me to put on the Arctic Monkeys. 32 more words


One love (shadorma + acrostic)


grave keeper
rests awhile and hears
voices of
spirits communicating
makes out their message

grave keeper
of the departed
prunes the trees
trims the hedge… 75 more words


Pen and Paper - Acrostic Haiku

Paperback novels
Engrossed in ink on paper
Nothing to download

I keep a poetry journal. I enjoy the process of writing things out longhand before typing them. 52 more words

Hopes and Dreams for Quiet Christmas Poetry

I’m beginning work on a small chapbook with the short poems and Bible verses here.

The photo by Karl, of Lake Michigan in winter, would make a nice cover. 36 more words


9.28 Duel Prompts: ...notice leaves...

9.28 Duel Prompts: …notice leaves…

Acrostic / Shadorma is a Spanish 6-line poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllable lines respectively.
Traditional haiku: 5/7/5 syllable lines; haibun: prose or other verse with haiku… 182 more words


Thought Balloon

Some day we’ll have a thought-recorder (though it may be argued that stuff like the above image IS a thought-recorder) and people will be astonished to read the transcripts of their own thoughts, let alone those of others. 8 more words