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Another Tree

Moved back to acrylic paints tonight. Just wanted to get some images floating around in my head out on the canavas.


More artwork

Painting has really taken over as my therapy as of late … I’ve sold two more paintings and have been commissioned for another two … its kind of taking on a life of it’s own and it feels good! 63 more words


Art is a Language

In the Renaissance art was read by most people. The visual language artists employed was comprehensible to most. Literacy was limited and usually the written word served those who ruled – primarily the Church and the armed warriors of the aristocracy who protected and fed off the wealth the Church stole from the people. 547 more words



mask project inspired by witch Edea, Final Fantasy VIII antagonist.
Acrylics on paper.


Golden Delicious

This was an exercise in creating a shape from developing the light and shade to build the form of the apple. For the coloured ground (the yellow under painting I apply to the white canvas before I draw on the shape and begin painting) I used the following: Yellow ochre Cadmium yellow light For the main painting: And for the back ground and apple: Raw Umber Ultramarine Blue Cadmium Yellow Light Titanium White Burnt Sienna Cadmium Red… 337 more words

Art Every Day Month - Day 21

Wow!  This month is flying by!  It will be New Years before we know it.  Yikes!!

Today I got back to the Jennibellie challenge (7 art journal pages in 7 days, each day a different technique or product).  635 more words

Denise Huntington

A birthday gift

Whoever has been in our living room must have noticed this lady. She was a bday present from me to my SO two years ago. 13 more words