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I love the deer-in-the headlight panic in the eyes of new students when I tell them that we are not using any scripts in the beginning of their training. 439 more words

Acting coach to the kids stars, Helen Gordon!

“Helen Gordon is the BEST Kids’ Acting Coach in Hollywood!” Zachary Alexander Rice

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Using Improv to Help the Actor Connect

So the other night, I watched a sketch with comedians who were pros at doing stand up comedy, but not so much at working in an ensemble. 360 more words

Believability and the Actor

What makes an actor believable is when they themselves believe. If the actor is not committed to finding and then living in the moment, then their character merely becomes a caricature. 265 more words

The Magic if

What would the actor be without his or her imagination? It is the most important tool in their arsenal. When the actor is not able to draw upon their own experience then they must look to what Stanislavki called the ‘Magic If.’ Without this amazing tool, the artist cannot make the leap from possibility to probability. 198 more words

The Monkey on the Back

Many actors suffer from what I coin “the monkey on the back syndrome.” In other words, they can be their own worst enemy. There are a lot of factors which can attribute to this state, but for many creative people, I have a theory that it is due largely to whether they are… 528 more words