Tips For Budding Actors

While there is no dearth of those who still believe in taking up the age-old traditional and of course the most convenient professions, there are others who are fond of putting up with the challenges. 320 more words

Acting Tips

KCACTF Day 4: Improv and My Broken Soul

I hear it constantly; people bickering about the difference between “improv” and “real theater.” True, back at Iowa State, not everyone was all that biased, but you’d still sense that there is a somewhat fine division between improvisational comedy and presentation of scripted lines. 1,172 more words


Over the years of coaching I’ve seen many new actors do the one thing you really shouldn’t do in acting auditions.

This FREE online acting audition tips video shows you how to enjoy auditions more, stay focused and be in the moment. 59 more words

The Biggest Mistake of Young Actors

The biggest (or one of the biggest) mistakes of young actors is not spending nearly enough time inside the script.

I’ve directed a lot of young actors over the past eight years, and it never ceases to happen that as a show nears performance, I hear one actor say, “Oh, so that’s what that means!” They finally realize that they’ve been saying memorized lines which actually mean nothing to them. 410 more words


Actors Who Money B*tch & Steal

Why do a peevish percentage of actors believe stealing revenue from fellow artists is an honorable entitlement to the profession? A premise derived from a mistaken belief that as ‘artistes’ they’re morally above commerce? 700 more words

How To Become An Actor

Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

Many people may think being on television is all glitz and glam. Well, that isn’t always the case. Lots of hard work goes into acting, from auditions, to bookings, to studying different characters. 362 more words


Why a Director - Casting Director Despises (some) Actors

Despised may be too gentle a verb. I once loathed, hated, and had no respect for a portion of my fellow auditioning actors: the gossip-pools that saturated audition studio hallways. 934 more words

How To Become An Actor