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Yes, people were shocked I wanted to act

Some of you have been inquiring what I did until now: did I grow up doing theater, taking classes, etc. Well, what makes this “new adventure” even more risky and crazy, is that the answer to all of those questions is, no. 1,046 more words


I keep wondering what’s different about this semester.

No, it’s not that I’m no longer in undergrad. I got used to that a long time ago. 241 more words

Austin Andrews "Deaf Ninja" Update

We love getting our teens and kids involved with Deaf Kids’ Art Network projects. Thanks to the editing talents of Jennifer Hart, DeafKAN volunteer, we have this ultra-cool video with our very own Deaf teenagers playing their part! 62 more words


The Year through the Bible

In grade 2 Bible, we journey through the entire Bible – from Creation to Revelations in chronological order, each lesson focusing on a different story from the Bible. 210 more words


Where the heck have I been anyway?

Alright, I said I’d go back to regular updates. I did say that. You read when I said that, right? I think that might have been a lie. 628 more words


This Is Twenty-something

I like to pretend people read this even though that probably isn’t the case. If I’m correct in that, I like to think that, after I become a movie star, this blog will be unearthed. 591 more words