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New cuts of the dramatic and comedic reel are up! I ended up tightening the edits and streamlining the pacing a bit, while removing some excess montage footage. 29 more words


The John Wayne Collection

Originally written in 2005 or 2006 when I was given the opportunity to conduct a phone interview with Gretchen Wayne, who was a pleasure to speak with, I thought I’d share this article I wrote about my favorite actor, and apparently many others, John “Duke” Wayne. 1,285 more words

Find Your Light

We live in darkness.  We either choose to be blind or are unaware that we are blind.  We choose to stay naïve instead of seeking deeper knowledge on issues that affect the community.  858 more words

Free Write Friday

Casting: St. Peters, Missouri

Act Two Theater will be holding auditions for their upcoming performances of “Smoke on the Mountain,” in St. Peters, Missouri! Auditions will be Tuesday, September 2nd and Thursday, September 4th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. 52 more words


Don't fall... jump into love!

Thomas Dawkins sparkles as Jack, the hero in this Oscar Wilde adaptation, and tops and tails the show doubling as a young writer in search of his sidekick. In both future and past scenarios he finds a muse in the steadfast gaze of Cassandra Foster who plays an assured Gwendolen.

Pamela Schermann’s direction presents a polished jewel of a musical centring around a traditional story that brings fashionable Victorian Society to the Royal Mile. This uplifting show has had a great run in the C cubed theatre at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile (read more about this historic space here) and is a clever adaptation of a classic Wilde play by writer Phil Jacobs. During the action each character finds his or her own sidekick and it is intriguing to see how the person who plays the sidekick in each partnership changes during the play. Maybe it is the lure of the delicious muffins on stage where tea is perpetually served.

Throughout the action the charismatic Simon Kingsley as Algernon flirts with a spritely pretty Cecily played by the talented Catherine Hayworth. This upwardly mobile portrayal of young ambition gives ballast to the union between Brian Eastty’s charming Dr Chasuble and Gillian Steventon’s quirky Miss Prism. Social interactions and cake mix together along with up-tempo songs, which include a delightful tribute to Algernon’s pal Bunbury and a jazzy number devoted to the potential of a handbag.

Everyone has emerged from the enjoyable twisting plot to unite with their sweetheart except for the indestructible Lady Bracknell. Bracknell is played with force by Amanda Bailey who has an expertise in creating obstacles on the path of true love. As a result of her actions the power has shifted in the relationships that begun at the start of the show. The sidekick is now the person who has fallen the deepest in love and that is surely the importance of being Ernest.

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Sometimes it's just you and the cat.

My girlfriend is away.

The talented thing she is, she’s off rehearsing a play, doing what she wants to do, living the dream, etc, etc.  The only unfortunate thing is, it is away.   408 more words