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Loose an arm, a leg, even an eye...we can repair you...sure, we have technology!


Four interns at NYC’s Bellevue Hospital are being indicted by a grand jury for kidnapping, mayhem and murder in an underground laboratory in East Harlem. 251 more words

Teen Review-- Jungle of Bones by Ben Mikaelsen

This story took place in the forest of Papua New Guinea where the selfish fool Dylan Barstow almost died. Dylan was a teenager who only thought about himself. 271 more words


Take a journey into a Dark fantasy ...and don't forget to bring your sword.

Epic Fantasy: The War of the Moonstone: Part One (The Song of the Broken World: A Dark Epic Fantasy Adventure Series)

Dark fantasy action and adventure by the author of the Black Tower Trilogy, “The War of the Moonstone: Part One” is the exciting opening of an epic fantasy series. 611 more words


When is a novel finished?

It’s a question you’ll have to answer honestly to write a worthwhile novel and get closer to success. It takes a series of steps, all requiring thought and most importantly effort. 315 more words

Action Packed Sci-Fi Hit!

Heavenfall: Genviants Book 1

2027-Hadrian’s energy web is Earth’s only hope against a raging wave of cosmic dust and debris. But Hadrian has secrets.

Mary Sullivan blames Hadrian for the death of her parents, but as a fringer and the sister of a mech motorcycle gang leader, justice is out of her reach. 75 more words


Do you know where your readers are?

This is the #1 MOST IMPORTANT question you need to ask yourself: do you know where your readers are?

You sure as heck better know the answer, otherwise your sales will stagnate. 174 more words

Be Cassidy continues his outstanding chronicle series Zanthora, with this thrilling addition, Redemption!

Redemption (The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book Six)

Destruction hangs over Redemption.

A horde of barbarians led by a mighty war chieftain threaten to bring destruction on the colony and all the people living there. 163 more words