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The Action Plan


I found my training schedule off the internet, completely free. If I can find the website again I’ll come back to edit this to give the guy thanks. 367 more words


Action Plan – Learning Tool

Plan Stage

Design Problem

People don’t understand the parts of their computer. And when they find places to learn about the different parts. The information is convoluted, intimidating to read and more than necessary for the average person. 282 more words

Action Plan

Action Plan – Mobile Web Design Mock-Up

I’m going to postpone my second artifact for now and work on my third one because I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to make something for another course that needs to be done soon. 289 more words

Action Plan

Personal Goals


-Leave more time to develop composition and typography

-Work closer to deadlines so I can create more refined, detailed work if necessary

-Start building up contact list of possible clients… 20 more words

Action Plan

Intentions are...

“I intended to….”

“I never intended or meant to…”

These are the famous last words of anyone who has made mistake, didn’t follow through and ultimately of anyone who has lost sight of their vision. 425 more words


Learnings from LIFE

While I began writing this post an old but interesting advice from elderly people about mistake management came to my mind which goes like this – “ … 431 more words

Why doctors say more asthma patients should use an action plan

Watch above: An action plan for asthma patients to better manage their disease. Crystal Goomansingh reports. 

TORONTO – Asthma action plans are meant to allow patients take control of their own health care. 531 more words