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Gaza Rising from the Ashes - A proposal for the Gaza Strip


(I would appreciate feedback on my draft.)

When the bombing stops and the dust settles, how will the Gaza Strip recover?

After previous Israeli bombardments (particularly 12/08 – 01/09 and again in 11/12) donor nations came forward to help, sending money and technical expertise. 2,048 more words


Please Don't Lick Me... I'm Scared Of What You'll Think

Dear Uncle Phin,

Being a rainbow (such as I am) I have been made extraordinarily nervous by the Skittle commercials that I have seen. The problem is that rainbows don’t really taste like Skittles, we taste like refracted light which actually tastes a lot like paper towels. 413 more words

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Self Talk #1

Earn the right to relax. Take the time to create and review tomorrow’s action plan before getting too comfortable.

Pipeline Wizard

Fitness Blender's 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People

Since I am enjoying the free Fitness Blender videos so much, I decided to buy their 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People.  Each workout can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less, which means that HIIT will play an important role in this program. 204 more words


Yard Dishes

Dear Uncle Phin,

My wife has a tendency to take dishes from the house into her car but doesn’t bring them back in the house. Instead, she’ll “clean out” her car before she goes to work by setting the dishes on the edge of the driveway or in the yard. 261 more words

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Initial responses to Govt Gang Action Plan

Dr Jarrod Gilbert (who did the Literature Review for the Ruia project) has challenged some of the statistics used in last week’s press release by Police Minister Anne Tolley to announce central government responses to gangs: 171 more words

Black Power

Tax Minimization: Making It Happen

In developing an ACTION PLAN with clients I have learned my role involves engaging the principals external and internal behaviors – it isn’t enough that they can calculate the dollars saved. 486 more words

Tax Havens