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STUC emergency resolution passed unanimously !

Charlie Reid Centre


Congress believes that the Charlie Reid Centre in Glasgow provides an excellent service to over 500 individuals in the city and beyond who have experienced mental health difficulties. 110 more words

Action Reports

Action Report 5: A wormhole welcome

Both girls got a lot of mails often with the question when they will return to the alliance and every time their answer was the same: we don’t know. 1,098 more words

Action Reports

Action Report 4: We got to go

Gabryella was running trough the hallways of the KFIE station almost pushing into the wall some of the large Blood Raider Pirates that were just hanging out there like they always do. 2,299 more words

Action Reports

Action Report 3: Grand Theft POS

The girls were having fun in Huola, but were a bit on edge. The sun was nice and warm and all, but they had received a message from the Alliance that they were moving to a new system called KFIE-Z. 1,260 more words

Action Reports

Action Report 2: The Gods of EVE

*** Feb 08 ***

The girls don’t like the Blood Raiders with their strange rituals and that is because they have their own connections with a whole set of eve online Gods. 719 more words

Action Reports

Action Report 1: The Nyan Cat Pirates making dreams come true!

Ever since Stacey was born she was fascinated by a little mission showing you that you can mine gas and make contraband for other players with it and she dreamed about being a major drug dealer for pirates and alliances alike. 1,414 more words

Action Reports