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Turning a Posed Shot into a Moment Shot - Two

Here’s another example of turning a posed shot into a moment shot.

Although this shot has some blur, it clearly shows the rascally little brother and cousin side of my husband, Rick. 59 more words


Photo Friday: Football Friday


…because my only photography consists of Pop Warner football games lately.


Failed action shots

So I’ve been experimenting with the new remote control I bought – the Canon RC-6. 

Shelley loves these Ikea bag clips. I usually throw them and she’ll try to catch them mid-air. 145 more words


Zip and Boy

We’re talking about “moment shots.”

This photo of my middle child and our Border collie, Zip, is a good example of capturing a moment. The dog’s paw and tongue on the boy’s face, and the boy’s smiling grimace shows the emotion of the moment – she loves him, and he loves her, but her tongue is warm and wet and slightly gross-feeling against his cheek. 79 more words


a day at the river

10 photos

I finally had the chance to get out with my camera today after having some pretty rubbish weather lately. my mum and sister and I took the dog down to the river to have a good run around. 31 more words


Country Road

I have a thing for taking photos of people from the back. Don’t know what, exactly, the draw is.

This is my daughter. I took it while we were picking up hay. 25 more words