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NJROTC Rifle Switch

The ROTC Armed drill team set their rifles on the ground standing up. They walk to the next rifle and caught them before they fell, picking them back up and continuing to spin the rifles.


Armed Spread

Armed drill team spread out for the ripple spin. Each cadet starts at different time while doing a lazy toss and single spins.


ROTC Armed Pyramid

The ROTC armed drill team is doing a march pyramid to the commander while spinning their rifles.


ROTC Armed

Armed team doing a ripple switch rifle. Middle element stays still and lifts his rifle up so it won’t get hit, and mess up the other cadets tossing their rifles.


Armed Lazy Toss

Armed competition drill meet at Seguin. Marching and doing a lazy toss spin with the rifles.

Drill Meet

Holy Leaping Dogs!

This is going to be a short one today. I’ve been going through some older photos and found a neat series of shots from back in January. 32 more words


Playing in the leaves

We took some time out of a fall photo shoot to have some fun with these two brothers! Dress-up in the woods? What can get better than that?