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Change Your Thinking, To Cause a Change of Lifestyle

My older sister quite often tells me, people never change. I, on the other hand prefer to think better of people and always insist, that in fact, with time, people do change. 411 more words

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)


When Dr. Henry Jones Sr. suddenly goes missing while pursuing the Holy Grail, eminent archaeologist Indiana Jones must follow in his father’s footsteps and stop the Nazis.


The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)


A young man, falsely imprisoned by his jealous “friends,” escapes and uses a hidden treasure to exact his revenge.


Finding Forever: Excerpt from Prologue

Fire jolted through her veins. Her body rolled over the cliff with an unbidden momentum, and her heart stopped for one beat … two beats. Suspended in a fragile millisecond of torture, she realized that she was falling helplessly downward. 95 more words


Flash Movie Review: The Expendables 3

The elderly couple swirled around the dance floor as the bottom of the woman’s dress trailed behind her like a settling morning mist. They dipped, spun and veered from side to side in synch to the beat of the music calling out to them from the tall black speakers that stood like sentries around the dance floor. 395 more words


Vision and Action

We can start to find the truth in this life, not before we lost in this world. Realizing we lost is the first step in living the life you want. 132 more words

Better Life