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The World is Not Enough

Before watching the movie:

In some families, Christmas starts the moment the Thanksgiving desserts are cleared away, or sooner. However, I prefer to give it a few days before slowly creeping into the season. 801 more words


Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014)

Containing some awesome action scenes certainly helps especially if some action movies you’ve seen actually lack the action. 156 more words


Non-Stop (2014)

Not too bad action/thriller because of the presence of Liam Neeson. 112 more words

2014 Films

November is ending...

I’ll mention this now before I add it to the home page, but my updates will probably be far between each other. I’ll be out of school in a couple months and have more free time to improve this blog (and to go on vacation). 23 more words


The Inspector, vol. 2

Synopsis: With a nose for clues, an eye for intrigue and a mind like a steel trap that’s jammed shut, The Inspector sets out to solve Paris’ most puzzling crime mysteries. 1,983 more words


Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge of tomorrow is a highly intelligent Sci-fi flick where the lead cast members in Tom Cruise and Emma Blunt are both fantastic.

Think of Groundhog Day meets Transformers meets Alien. 33 more words


Be Thoughtful and Considerate

There seems to be an element in human nature that believes we can know the end from the beginning. People become so sure of their course of action they stop considering all of the possibilities. 740 more words