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ICAT is Launching a Campaign to End Solitary Confinement in Illinois Prisons

Hello Everyone!

The Illinois Coalition Against Torture (ICAT) is launching a campaign to end solitary confinement in Illinois prisons. We hope you will join us. In this message we will explain why we are working on this campaign, what some of the materials we have produced are, what the campaign entails, and ways you can support the campaign. 299 more words


What's Valuable ?

How would you define valuable, is it the seen or the unseen, is it things or people, is it character or status ? We all value different things but are those things really worth the value, is the question we should ask our selfs. 25 more words

Do Something! I am Giving up on You...

Do something, I am giving up on you,
there seems to be nothing left for me to do.

I have tried and tried my love; to get to you, 160 more words


"Because it is karma that causes the conditioned living entity to accept and then give up different high-and low-grade material bodies, this karma is his enemy, friend and neutral witness, his spiritual master and controlling lord. " SB 10.24.17

Karma is not only created through our actions, but also by our thoughts. This is why we can get angry or upset as a result of our thinking, or even develop a physical modality from our deep seated stress. 147 more words

I am working, working, working....

I want to tell you so much about love and sex!


Men need love.

Women need to learn how to love their men…
My work with women: