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Before You Respond Negatively...

Have you ever received a negative or unkind email from a friend or family member?  I’m talking about from people who don’t normally send emails like that. 333 more words

Tiger Tiger

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright,
In the forests of the night.
William Blake

If we roll back time about 12,000 years, what we would find in 10,000 BC is small bands of humans who had mastered using tools, they could use fire, they had art, and they had a developing culture. 1,758 more words

Creative Mind

January report 2015



STOP PRESS: Although not an Amnesty thing but of mutual interest I hope, I delighted to report that for my private and 4th trip to the Burmese refugees on the Thai/Burma border I have received donations from members as well as funds from the Burma evening, as wished by those who worked on it, of £435 which is an enormous sum over there.   396 more words


Leaders come in many shapes and form, most leaders don’t realize they are showing others the way. They are just people trying to live their life happily.


Strength Saturday - Get comfortable

Change is never comfortable.  When we challenge ourselves it will take hard work, but the sense of accomplishment feels so great once you accomplish your goal.   52 more words


Leadership Thought -- Attitude is a Choice

On Feb 18, 2009, CMSgt Todd Small and I traveled Thule, Greenland to see and talk to our Airman stationed at Thule Air Base. Thule AB is 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and approximately 550 miles east of the North Magnetic Pole and is locked in by ice nine months out of the year. 875 more words

F(X) Leadership