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Justify Your Sleep-In With These 8 Facts On Healthy Sleep Habits

I love a good snooze. I just don’t feel right if I get any less than 7 hours of sleep a night. IfI find myself up later than usual, I will start mentally calculating how many hours of sleep I am going to get before I need to wake up in the morning. 268 more words


Accidentally Active

It’s been drilled into our heads over and over… exercise daily, find thirty, move more! Yes, we get it and yes we know how important daily exercise is for our health, wellbeing and waistline.  963 more words


My First Time.

My first time. I can still remember how it felt. I was nervous because I had never done it before, but also excited to see what it would be like. 1,055 more words


What a Post-Pregnancy Body REALLY Looks Like

How do you feel when you see these photos?

Your emotional reaction will depend entirely on your own personal life experiences. Here is how I felt…. 444 more words


Listen to Your Body

I learnt a very important lesson this past week and that was to listen to your body! 

When you have an injury, when you are experiencing pain, respect your body and by all means DO NOT PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN!!! 651 more words


The full body detox

Hello lovelies! Unfortunately, I felt awful this past Friday. I allowed myself a massive cheat day, involving way too many unhealthy food choices at once, which lead to a poorly spent sick day. 329 more words

The Notes

Stay Motivated On Your Health Journey With Incentives and Rewards

Great work and effort deserves a pay off. When it comes to exercise, the ultimate in pay off’s is health in all it’s forms. Increased vitality, positive mental state and longer life are the top 3 prizes. 427 more words