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Creating SHARE on powershell & Setting ACL on a File or Directory in Powershell

Hi guys & ladies ( Little ironic mode activated in this post )

Today we gonna learn how to create powershell script that creates a Share ;)  We all already know that is some more complicated than the GUI way … but maybe someday if a storm breaks all your servers … your company doesn’t have money to buy a new suite … and you have to fight with Core servers… maybe you are bored… I don’t know but here is anyway the stuff!! 162 more words

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Seek and Destroy duplicate AD objects with CNF in the name

For various reasons, there are times when Active Directory may encounter a situation where multiple objects appear. The duplicates will be named with a CNF: on the end of the name. 142 more words


demote domain controller 2012


Today i’m trying some cmdlets studing for mcsa 2012 and I found this interesting script

it will demote the last domain controller ( this is used for the last one that we have on the domain and… 16 more words

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Forcing SYSVOL Replication using DFS-R

To force SYSVOL replication between domain controllers you can use DFSR (DFS Replication tools feature required)

dfsrdiag syncnow /RGName:”Domain System Volume” /Partner:<partner dc> /Time:15 /v
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Powershell: Create SCCM 2012 Collections Based on Active Directory Security Group

This script will significantly decrease the length of time taken to create device collections in SCCM. I created this script for a college where I deployed SCCM 2012, it allowed the college to mass create the device collections required for their environment. 344 more words

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Redircmp & redirusr tools

New user and computer accounts are created in the CN=Users and CN=Computers containers by default. It is not possible to apply Group Policy directly to these containers, 189 more words

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