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Copy AD group memberships from a source user to other users

This post is going to be short, but effective. One of those mondaine tasks you get to do as an IT administrator is assigning users to security groups for access to resources in the domain. 515 more words


New Requirement ! - 2nd Line IT Support Engineer, Technical Support Analyst - Northamptonshire, Perm

Skills: 2nd Line IT Support Engineer, Technical Support, Windows Server, Active Directory including Group Policy. Based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire my client has a new requirement for an IT Support Engineer, Technical Support Analyst. 128 more words


Credentials not accepted

If your names not down your not coming in.

– as i know I hate reading long blogs – Problem installing NDES and credentials not being accepted – the fix is to disable the following GPO setting “Require trusted path for credential entry”. 716 more words

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Azure Active Directory SSO using Visual Studio 2015

Here is the instruction on using Visual Studio 2015 preview to add Azure Active Directory SSO to an existing MVC Application.

1. Create an Azure Active Directory… 117 more words


How to use Active Directory of Windows Server in Redmine LDAP?

Activating LDAP synchronization plugin of Redmine to sync users from Active Directory to Redmine.

1.  I’m using Bitnami as a Server of my Redmine, click start button and click Use Bitnami Redmine Stack cmd. 324 more words

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Migrating FRS replicated Sysvol to DFSR

This post will be all about getting rid of the old FRS stuff and updating to the new DFSR. The first question I hear in my mind is “Why do I care when Sysvol is replicating just fine right now?” While that may be true, the real reason would be security, efficiency and scalability that DFSR offers. 952 more words

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Active Directory PowerShell One Line Script With Account Expiry and LastLogon in Date Format

simple script, very useful!

Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase "ou=mysubou,ou=myou,dc=mydomain,dc=com" -properties title, department, mail, DistinguishedName, AccountExpirationDate, Enabled, LockedOut, passwordlastset, PasswordNeverExpires, lastlogon | Select-Object name,title,department,mail,DistinguishedName, AccountExpirationDate, Enabled, LockedOut, passwordlastset, PasswordNeverExpires, @{N=’LastLogon'; E={::FromFileTime($_.LastLogon)}} | Export-csv -path C:\ps_Output\myOU_2014-11-24.csv