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GPMC Migrating GPOS between domains

One administrator action  , a lot of configuration and results… Always is a help but . Sometime we need to implement other new gpos on a different domain . 566 more words

Active Directory

Secure ASP.NET WebAPI 2 using Azure Active Directory AD with OAuth 2

What we will use
  • OAuth 2.0 middleware
  • ASP.NET WebAPI 2.2
  • Authentication Project Template: Organization Account
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Native Application e.g. Windows Form App
  • Azure AD Authentication Library (ADAL) for .NET 2.x…
  • 727 more words

Lits of AD Groups With No Manager

$results = get-adgroup -filter * -properties name, managedby | where {$_.managedby -eq $null} | select name, managedby | sort -property name


How to Hard Match AD users with existing O365 cloud accounts

Last week I was tasked to setup Federation Services and Single Sign On between my On-Premise Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365. At the moment the business was in such a rush  that I had to create the online tenant account and later on figure out how to match the cloud accounts with the on-premise. 248 more words

Resetting vs Changing a password

This should clarify it:

Resetting a Password vs. Changing a Password:

A password change is a user action, where a user enters a new password for his or her Windows user account. 200 more words

Microsoft Help

MS: Delegation Wizard to allow support users to join computers to domain (when the computer already exists)

Users cannot join a computer to a domain – when the computer already exists.

To resolve the issue in which users cannot join a computer to a domain, follow these steps: 176 more words

Microsoft Help

Announcing ADPassMon v1.10.0

Major changes:

  • Added “Use KerbMinder” menu item so user can control whether it runs. The menu item is only visible if KerbMinder is installed.

Minor changes: 21 more words

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