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The only constant is change, and our season are definitely changing. That cool, fall breeze is upon us and layers on layers are upon us. Get cozy this fall with the 686 Women’s Airflight series and fleece as we wait for another endless snow filled winter. 55 more words


Addicted to Exercise?

Whaaaat?!?!?! Could it be…?? Huh.. perhaps. 

I think I’m addicted to exercise. Usually I’m at Orange Theory Fitness Monday through Friday with the weekends off to recover. 287 more words


New Active Styles for Fall

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are turning brown, so it’s time for layers and more coverage. Here’s some new styles from some of my favorite active brands on my athletic wear board. 35 more words


Saxx Underwear with Ultimate Comfort and Style

We have added a new product to our store. Saxx is a new underwear line we are carrying that was designed for men by men with a special technology inspired by the desire of being comfortable while being active. 152 more words

Kushyfoot Socks for Yoga, Running, and More

I tried a new-to-me brand of socks, Kushyfoot, this past week for my workouts.  Here’s a couple styles to consider whether you do yoga, hike, run, whatever. 191 more words



Stay adventurous, stay inspired, stay wild. Three things we know about one of our favourite yogis, Steph Wall. Follow this wild girl as she adventures to new places inspiring others with her talent and bubbly-nes, a true gypsy at heart, all while stretching it out. 21 more words


From the Training grounds to the Fashion weeks

Over the past few years we have seen how brilliantly sports clothing, especially footwear has been marketed to reach a new target audience. I’m pretty sure we all have one or more pairs of sneakers or sweatpants that we don’t use for doing anything sport related with, other than wearing them because they are comfortable and I guess fashionable at times. 360 more words