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Destiny is a first-person shooter video game developed by the famous Halo-series maker, Bungie. I bought this game about five months ago, two weeks after its release and I have loved it ever since. 334 more words


Destiny Daily 1/28/15: Rasputin Needs Defending Again, Daily Bounties

Ran the Nightfall twice yesterday (I can no longer do it three times since I deleted my alternate Hunter to start a Titan), and didn’t get anything decent. 563 more words


Can or Will Destiny Be Fixed?

Despite any of our personal feelings about Destiny, it is not going away. The next DLC is slated to release in March of 2015 and Bungie has a contract with Activision for five more years. 679 more words

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Destiny Daily 1/27/15: Kill The Will of Crota In This Week's Nightfall, Daily Bounties

It’s time once again for a weekly reset. The Nightfall is, you guessed it, killing Omnigul, which means you’ll need the DLC. They’re really pushing that hard with how often the two story missions and this strike come up in the playlists. 783 more words


John Malkovich Presents Exo-Suited Zombies

Call of Duty is sure becoming synonymous with celebrity cameos. And zombies.

Fresh off their fantastically received, future-shooter Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Games is set to begin their DLC cycle for their first Call of Duty title, beginning with the Havoc DLC pack. 362 more words

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Destiny (Console Game Review) - By The Frosty Gamer #Destiny #Game #XboxOne #Review #PS4 #Xbox360 #PS3

Destiny Game Review

By: The Frosty Gamer

Destiny is a game across most consoles, from the Xbox 360 to the PS4. Destiny is a game created by Bungie and Activision, who are the world’s biggest game companies, Activision known for Call of Duty and Bungie used to own Halo before 343 Industries. 310 more words


Manifest Destiny part 1: righting the ship

When I think of how to describe Destiny’s performance since release, I imagine a massive, gorgeous cruise ship riddled with holes in the hull. After setting sail, the ship started sinking and everyone aboard chipped in to help shovel water out because they loved the boat and wanted to save it. 673 more words

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