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Going through this change or transition, I’ve begged, asked, and searched for the answers to “why me?” from outside of me. Whether it be advice, or a self help book, or a video or whatever I could get my hands on to help make this transition easier…. 300 more words

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The Poor Pay the Highest Price for Charter School Experiments -- Part 3 -- Newark

This is the 3rd in a series of three posts pointing out how corporate, investor-owned charter school organizations have chosen to experiment at the expense of children who are mostly from poor families. 1,415 more words


A Female Fighter of the Mexican Revolution is Deemed the Oldest Person Alive Today*

A Female Fighter of the Mexican Revolution is Deemed the Oldest Person Alive Today*

By Samantha Payne

A woman who fought in the 1910 Mexican Revolution has become the oldest woman in the world, after reaching the age of 127. 398 more words


Anonymous #OpGCHQ Protest @ UK Spy Base 08/29-09/01


A four-day protest against GCHQ mass surveillance, organized by the hacktivist collective Anonymous, has begun outside Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters spy base in Cheltenham. 678 more words


Champion’s breakfast
I ordered a whole new world 
at Mickey’s Drive-Thru



Dr. King's "Race Card:" What American History Forgot To Inform You


“Yes, I am Black and Proud. I”m Black and I’m Beautiful.” Dr. Martin Luther King

In the spirit of playing cards because I love “Spades,” many folks refer to the “race card,” which assume they are “calling a spade a spade” or “telling it like it is.”  But, little do they know that “calling a spade a spade” is a racial slur which dates back to a time of the Aristophanes in 120 AD.  196 more words


Nobody Knows How Many Americans The Police Kill Each Year | FiveThirtyEight

Some reporting has put forward one of the only figures available: the approximately 400 “justifiable police homicides” each year since 2008, according to the FBI’s annual Supplementary Homicide Report (SHR). 178 more words