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A Single Seder, and Around the World

Last night I had the privilege of conducting a ‘learning’ seder at St. Timothy’s School, a 182 year old local prep-boarding school for girls.  We’ve been doing this pre-Passover seder for many years now.   409 more words

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Every year we do come a little bit closer to the end-times, the moment when the Elohim thinks it is right to bring world-peace forever and have the Messiah rule on earth from Jerusalem. As long as we are not yet there, we all can try to come closer together and share the common love in the image of the Maker.


In this story:

A chance to experience the Passover rituals Passover story and the various and sundry customs of the holiday. Passover story works perfectly with this ultimate hope and dream = most particular of our narratives, recalling the moment when God took us from slavery to freedom. The Haggadah text reminds us: on the night of Passover each person is obligated to see him or herself as if he or she had actually been a slave and personally redeemed by God. It is the most universalistic of our stories. > doesn’t every person yearn to be free?  Isn’t freedom the most fundamental human right?  And doesn’t each person – regardless of faith, color, country, gender – deserve to be free, treated with dignity and respect, and seen as a creature created in the image of God?
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Being a Light in the World Award

Being A Light In The World – awarded by Barbara Mattio at Idealist Rebel

Thank you Barbara. 

Wonderful people in the World spread Light, and love, hope and peace.   208 more words


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We for sure can use some more people who would like to bring some sunshine in this grim world. Lovely that we can see more people trying to spread some Light in this world full of jealousy and hate. It would also be nice to find those bloggers who would love to bring messages of inner peace, brotherly love, and unity between people and different cultures and religions, together sharing their ideas and notifying others of their readings and writings. Hopefully many will let others know of such blogs which try to make the world a little nicer one day at the time.


And the nominees for the

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If Peace Should Be Peaceful

If Peace Should Be Peaceful

Someone, whose name I remember not,
Held in high esteem by friend and foe alike,
Said, ‘ There is no good war, neither bad peace.’

227 more words
Being And Feeling


Haibun Thinking: Week 11 – April 1st 2014

I sip my  coffee on the porch swing and watch as the setting sun sets the pond ablaze before dropping over the horizon, leaving the tranquil waters and sky in hues of pink. 248 more words



What is peace and quiet?

Is it a babbling brook?

Is it total silence?

Is it peaceful conversation?

Is it cuddling?

Is it a room of your own? 74 more words


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Everybody might have an other idea what peace may be. But in the end it is that state of being in an environment where everybody can be at ease and does not have to fear for the other.

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All I want is peace!!!

All I wish is for peace

Just wish for no war

It can be quiet

But doesn’t have to be perfect

All I want is for peace… 86 more words


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How many in this world are not thirsting to peace? Those who may live in countries where there is no fighting going on, where there is no poverty, may count themselves lucky. They should try to get welfare also for the others and should try to get peace also in the other regions.

  • Peace (thisisyumnablog.wordpress.com) I have forgotten the meaning of peace / I used to know it, I used to feel it around me / But it slipped out of my mind + Our grounds are not but our skies are definitely besieged / By people who say they’re fighting for peace / Oh. I wonder. will all these ever cease?
  • Prayers for Peace in Chocó (seedcolombia.wordpress.com) The need for peace in Chocó is not something abstract. The presence of armed groups, land exploitation through industrial mining, poverty, and a lack of basic resources for living impact the daily life of the people in this department. These are some of the answers by the people of Choco to the questions: How do you see peace in Chocó?
  • The Word in Peace, Third Sunday of Lent: For what do I thirst? (youngadultcatholics-blog.com) Have you ever noticed that no (sane) religious authority insists that its followers fast from water? Water is not a luxury (nor should it be), and it is suicide to go without it. Those in the ancient Middle East were keen to the many dangers of even one day without hydration. The only time that eschewing water carries any spiritual weight is when one sacrifices to save another. Otherwise, if you’re thirsty, drink, and don’t feel guilty about it!
  • a spirituality of resistance (sparrowsandsandcastles.wordpress.com) I define “spirituality” broadly as “a way of life,” your “sabeel,” which means there are many spiritualities. We are talking here about finding God as we resist empire, walking with Jesus as we resist empire, living in the Holy Spirit of faith, hope and love as we resist empire. + While I was pondering the Sermon on the Mount, I saw Israeli warplanes swoop down over the Sea of Galilee on their way to bomb people in Lebanon. That experience of war at the Sea of Galilee changed my life. I’ve been trying to live out the Sermon on the Mount ever since as a call to faithfulness to the God of peace, resistance to empire and war, and an invitation to welcome God’s reign of peace and nonviolence here and now.
  • Peace brings no dividend to the poorest in the North (irishtimes.com) There has been no improvement in the day-to-day lives of a majority of people in Northern Ireland since the restoration of the power-sharing executive in May 2007. Instead, things have become worse. In broad terms, the poorer you are the harder you are likely to have been hit. This is one of the reasons for the continuing relative fragility of the Stormont institutions.
  • Peace, war and defence - all are feminist issues (thefword.org.uk) The women's peace camp on Greenham Common, set up in 1981 by the group Women for Life on Earth, explicitly stated "we fear for the future of all our children and for the future of the living world which is the basis of all life". The protesters highlighted their gender as a means of challenging assumptions that women should be at home.This tradition is carried on by the Aldermaston Women's Camp, by projects such as Wool Against Weapons, and by campaigners with Action AWE - to name but a few of the groups involved with peace work in the UK.
  • Blood Thirst (divineincarnate.wordpress.com) Why do we want to punish each other? Husbands and wives, daughters and mothers, sons and fathers, coworkers, and even friends. We feel any slight and we give it back to them; we want them to experience pain and we rub their noses in it. No matter how big the hurt – or how petty and small.
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Youngster all over the world with the same dream

One World, One Heart Beating Official Music Video

An anthem to global unity sung and played – and with a video created – entirely by children, our and the world’s next generation. 968 more words

Activism And Peace Work