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From the Marxist Archive: 16 September 1913 (Anarcho-) Syndicalism and the State.

Tom Mann, 16 September 1913 (Anarcho-) Syndicalism and the State.

“Workers recognising the necessity for industrial organisation and Direct Action…”


Syndicalism and the State – Tom Mann…

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The Revolution has begun


Sept 15, 2014

Oligarchs and Authoritarian Followers of the Western Empire are freaking out as people strike out for independence from ‘austerity’, warmongering, rapacious greed, and soulless leadership. 21 more words


Video: Help Nurses Elect Candidates Who Help Nurses


Join other dedicated members of the Minnesota Nurses Association who are supporting MNA endorsed candidates.  Go to http://www.mnnurses.org/policy-and-advocacy/election-2014-volunteer-opportunities
OR call Eileen Gavin at 651-414-2871.


The Importance of Explicit Policies for Queer and Trans Students

I’ve been looking a lot at the environment within universities and high schools for queer and trans students over the last few months, both within our work at the University of Auckland and in researching things around high schools, particularly using the… 484 more words


Creative Reporting Tactics

“Mr. Daisey and Apple” was one of the most interesting podcasts I have ever listened to (aside from being the only podcast I’ve ever listened to…). 439 more words

Blog 1 Apple China Drama

Punks in Science

So here it finally is, the Punks In Science weblog. I have been walking around with the idea of doing a blog for quite a while now, but didn’t really know what to add to the enormous amount of information out there on the internet. 696 more words


Here's To The Messy

Feminism: a belief in, or advocacy for, the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes

Atheism: a lack of belief in gods.

So why the conflict? 580 more words