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Water: Next Capitalist Tool?

This photo of a Burmese girl at the head of a long line on her daily water-collecting chore went viral last year; the girl became a new poster child for injustice, incompetence and greed in Burma.   930 more words

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Syl Mortilla - For Nearly Thirty Years: An Article On Michael Jackson’s Closest Confidante (And Why Her Opinion Matters)

He knew her intimately for nearly thirty years. During this time, she was his confidante, his protector, and his advisor. She rubbed cream into the piebald patchwork that was his back and shoulders: a torso that no-one else got to view, unless she had applied concealing make-up beforehand. 69 more words

Michael Jackson

Hemp Oil Not a Source of CBD Which Could Be Used in Epilepsy Treatments

An industrial hemp official is working to clear up some confusion about the plant’s oils and extracts and their uses as Kentucky researchers work toward finding uses for potential treatments with cannabidiol, or CBD. 331 more words


Is tap water a Human Right?

This is only one of many the examples happening in ‘Merica’ today. Share your thoughts.

Water Management

In defence of 'angry feminism'

As a woman who has – shock! – dared to be vocal about misogyny on the internet, I’m painfully familiar with the cliches that my ‘aggression’ is detrimental to the cause, or that it’s feminism’s failure that women don’t want to associate with the ‘hairy lesbian’ stereotype. 848 more words


YOLO Jesus Is Risen!

      The other day I was walking a few blocks away from the downtown Denver 16th Street Mall when I started to hear the crackle of a megaphone followed by chanting and cheering. 1,138 more words