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Radio Show Returns Next Week

As it turns out, our studio is being moved and renovated over the last coupe of weeks. I thought I would be okay this week, but we had to bump it again. 42 more words

Privilege: Sometimes It's Not the Devil You're Advocating For

I’m not a fan of the word “privilege.” In some ideal world where arguments don’t happen, and confrontation doesn’t exist, and people only ever have the best, most benevolent intentions in mind, “privilege” would be a perfectly acceptable word. 4,288 more words


Menstrual Monday: Rise Up With Fists!

Times are a changin’. Women all over the world, especially young women, are starting public conversations about their periods. They are informing the masses, raising collective awareness, and making it okay to talk about their periods: menstrual activism. 142 more words


Water: Next Capitalist Tool?

This photo of a Burmese girl at the head of a long line on her daily water-collecting chore went viral last year; the girl became a new poster child for injustice, incompetence and greed in Burma.   930 more words

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Syl Mortilla - For Nearly Thirty Years: An Article On Michael Jackson’s Closest Confidante (And Why Her Opinion Matters)

He knew her intimately for nearly thirty years. During this time, she was his confidante, his protector, and his advisor. She rubbed cream into the piebald patchwork that was his back and shoulders: a torso that no-one else got to view, unless she had applied concealing make-up beforehand. 69 more words

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