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Baby Lion

Our youngest, as I’ve mentioned before, has a very vivid imagination. One of his big things lately has been that there are lions in the house. 200 more words

Activities At Home

June Pictures

We haven’t taken very many pictures this month. Mainly, we’ve been doing school and trying to recover from the shock of being told we have to move again, and of course, I’m dealing with morning sickness (although that is getting better, thankfully!). 333 more words

Activities At Home

Hot Wire!

Our 2-year-old has an incredible imagination. He really has a thing about lions right now, and frequently shows us a “baby lion” in his hands (invisible to us). 24 more words

Activities At Home

Taco Salad

Maybe being pregnant makes you remember food from childhood. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that when I bought some Chinese cabbage today at the supermarket I remembered a favorite meal very vividly! 543 more words

Activities At Home

Seaside Bingo

seaside bingo

A fun activity for children which is summer related.

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Cutting Wood

Gayle and the boys have spent quite a few Saturdays and a holiday, now, cutting up trees that were pulled out from around this house before we moved in. 231 more words

Activities At Home

Things We’ll Miss When We Move

I finally got around to taking pictures here to show you this house and the features we especially love. Before I got them posted, we were told, this past week, that we have three months to move out. 170 more words

Activities At Home