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A Field Trip—On Sunday?!

I’ll try again with this one, too; it is one that vanished in the past week. Rather frustrating!

This story really starts back in January. We were on our way south and passed a big yellow railroad track fixing machine. 426 more words

Activities At Home

Kaikoura Peninsula

One Sunday afternoon, when we had visitors from America at church, we went with them to the Peninsula. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon. We really enjoyed visiting with our new friends and showing them around.

Activities At Home

More March Pictures

Some of you may have seen a post like this a week or so ago, because I did post it, but it disappeared. I did six posts one evening, and scheduled them so they would appear every two days, but three vanished—one before it was posted and two after. 42 more words

Activities At Home

Passport Photos

We had to get passport photos taken recently, because the older six children all needed their passports renewed and we need to apply for permanent residency within the next week or two. 75 more words

Activities At Home

March Pictures

And here is the assortment of pictures from March that didn’t make it into their own posts!

A beautiful fall day–Esther enjoyed watching these steers out her bedroom window. 61 more words

Activities At Home

Cows and Corn

Finally, I have this post ready. I started it two weeks ago! I’ve been having computer problems; I bought a new laptop to replace my Windows XP desktop, since after this coming Tuesday it won’t be safe to use it online, and the new laptop was not working right. 238 more words

Activities At Home

Science This Year

I’m excited about what we’re using for Science this year for the boys. Until now, we’ve always used Sonlight Curriculum’s Science, which is a variety of subjects each year and mostly Usborne books. 513 more words

Activities At Home