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Daily Activities of Living

Daily activities of living just seems like an assumed right I’ve always taken for granted, not so these days. Energy and mobility are major engines that drive each day and when one or both are limited; it certainly throws uncertainty into the daily equation. 49 more words


The final steps

Up to this point, I’ve covered the first two steps of the Tupler Technique — splinting and exercising. You’ve seen my remarkable progress in just one week. 394 more words

Tupler Technique

Rub A Dub Dub

I remember when a shower was pure delight — hot water pelting sore muscles, luxurious lather washing away the grime of the day, and fragrant steam rejuvenating every pore. 876 more words

Activities Of Daily Living

Avoidance Tactics

I have always struggled with schedule anxiety, which is why I am an excellent organizer of time. It seems to be my way of avoiding the feeling of overwhelming chaos that ensues when I am either too busy or have nothing to do. 1,160 more words

6 Signs - Is it Arthritis or Just Normal Joint Pain?

While joint pain is the main characteristic of arthritis, it can also be simply from over-exertion or normally aging joints. How can you know the difference? 323 more words


Be A Part Of The First National ME Database


The NCNED (Griffith University) databank collects vital information to help understand the public health impact of ME/CFS in Australia, and importantly the impact of ME/CFS on daily lives. 100 more words