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John Cleese on Creativity

Both of the following videos are well worth watching.  After you’ve seen them, read my comments below — just a few things I’d like to highlight about what he says. 774 more words



This week I had the pleasure of auditing my first Larry Moss Masterclass. If you don’t know who Larry Moss is, I suggest you Google him, order his books and watch his youtube videos to catch yourself up (shame on you for not knowing one of the greatest, most respected acting teachers of our generation!) 673 more words


Cinema Quote of the Day

“I have never personally referred to myself as a star. When asked I always say, ‘I’m an actor, a working actor.’ I think the term ‘star’ is a vastly overused expression. 19 more words

Making a difference: Now.

I came across the following video via up-worthy which has a lot of different items shared on facebook these days. I thought it was worth referring to in a post when I watched it a couple of different times because it has a great message to it and also feels to me like it’s rather inspirational. 641 more words