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Sitting Standing Lying

Players: 3

3 players play a scene. At any point in time, there should always be one player standing, one player sitting and one player lying down. 13 more words


Check what Nina dobrev claimed about ian somerhalder and nikk reed relationship

Nina Dobrev Did NOT Predict Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder Will Break Up Soon, Despite Claim

Nina Dobrev has not predicted that newly engaged Ian Somerhalder… 250 more words


Ninja Month 2015: MMPR Season 3: "Passing the Lantern"

Short Story:

There was a lantern.

It was passed.

So was my lunch.

The End.

There’s a really boring episode.

There’s been so much Americanization of the show that it’s very difficult to care about a lantern prop that no one else really seems to care about.The writers were phoning it in when they wrote the episode, as we could’ve learned more about Adam’s family or something, but we got nothing.  154 more words


I Am An Actor

Being an actor is who you are. It is not necessarily what you do on stage.

When I say, “I’m an actor,” people say, “Oh? Wow! 370 more words


Using an Audition Pack to Improve Your Casting.

Auditions bring out the Idiot in us. Whether we’re actors dealing with nerves, creatives listening to the same audition song 100 times over or company management directing nervous auditionees front of house, the process can be trying. 939 more words

Musical Theatre

Actor Danny Darren to make his mark in 2015

Fresh out of his interview with Hollywood Herald I learnt a lot about Kurdish actor Danny Darren and with his drive and passion I think he will make his mark in 2015. 250 more words

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