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12 of my Favorite Offbeat Actresses

I can only imagine the pressure for actresses to have a certain look and to maintain it. It seems now more than ever, you see beauty over talent. 509 more words


'The Expendables 3' Cast Pick Their Favorite Actresses for 'Expendabelles' Spinoff


‘The Expendables 3′ Cast Pick Their Favorite Actresses for ‘Expendabelles’ SpinoffSports movies, a compromise of two great pastimes rolled into one blockbuster smash hit. 831 more words

"My Issues with Clark Kent's Girls"

Okay, I’m officially annoyed.  I’m sitting here watching the second season of “Smallville” and it’s seriously pissing me off.

I thought when you loved someone, you accept them for who they are, faults and all, but I’m thinking about “Lana Lang” and “Chloe Sullivan”.  239 more words


Orange is the New Black Review

This show intercepts your heart and brain with the same fast acting bullet. When I’m watching it, I wonder how a mere “comedy” series could be so interesting. 445 more words

Brangelina FINALLY Married!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally got hitched after 9 years and 6 kids later! I literally thought they would never marry but I’m super glad they did! 83 more words


Shonda Rhimes to Guest Star on 'The Mindy Project'


Right, I’m cool now. I promise. Exciting news, I might need my asthma pump later, but this is the best thing I’ve heard all week!  232 more words

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