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Casablanca: Park Ridge Classic Film Series

In 1942 Hollywood released a hurriedly made movie meant to capitalize on another movie with a setting also taking place in South Africa. Algers had been a hit but now that Warners’ next film was ready they were no longer sure a success was possible. 416 more words


Photos: Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015

Honors the outstanding film and television performances of the year in a star-studded ceremony.


Lovely Lovely Lovely: Scarlett Johansson

I want to start a new post’s category, the one dedicated to the muses of every men, the ones that are part of our days and are one of the meanings of life… 123 more words


Favorite SAG Nominees 2015

Well, we’re in the final stretch now of award season. Based on the trailers, general news and my own favorite names in the running this year, here are the SAG nominees I’m hoping will win tonight. 173 more words


Halima Abubakar almost took her life cause of life problems..

          Nigeria Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar almost considered suicide as the solution to her problems… 337 more words



got a DINOSAUR SWEATSHIRT and a OLAF SWEATSHIRT! I’m so happy hahah. I also got a blouse, new pants and a new skirt yay! I love shopping, except for the fact that you are broke after. 84 more words

8 Actors/Actresses Who Won The Academy Award in Their Debut Movie ( List-1) !!

Winning The Academy Award in debut movie is a very rare thing. Specially for actors, they work whole their life and yet many of them don’t even get the taste of nomination. 337 more words