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You Love to Hate Mark Driscoll

I hesitated to write anything on the whole Driscoll debacle. Largely, I do not necessarily feel that there is much more to say than what has been said. 615 more words


"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" - My prayer for the elders at Mars Hill Church.

Mark Driscoll has resigned and nobody is happy.

Seven years ago there were twenty four elders who were responsible for ruling Mars Hill Church. As is now common knowledge, Mark Driscoll fired Paul Petry and Bent Meyer in a coercive move that enabled him to force the remaining elders to vote in new bylaws that consolidated power in Mark Driscoll. 567 more words

Mark Driscoll: I Made The Mistake Of Trying To Be Under the Authority Of My Elders

Mark Driscoll recently stepped down for a short term leave of absence from his mega church.  Driscoll is often credited for creating a more “man friendly” church.   756 more words

Man Of Faith

I couldn't trust young and green elders, so I put Jamie Munson in charge.

Mark Driscoll says it was a mistake to place himself under the authority of “new and young and green” elders (link). So in 2007 he made 28 year old Jamie Munson “lead pastor” and tossed out the authority of the elder board, most of whom were older than he was (link).

Déjà vu – A warning (and appeal) to give Mark Driscoll a fair trial.

Mark Driscoll deserves a fair trial. Those who have accused Mark Driscoll deserve a fair trial. The members of Mars Hlll Church deserve a fair trial. 1,314 more words

"Negative Media Attention" and Mars Hill Church

Mars Hill Church leadership has decried “Negative Media Attention” and blamed it for a decrease in both attendance and giving.

For us ex-members and perhaps many members we see the following… 269 more words

Finally – an ounce of transparency from within Mars Hill Church.

Today a letter from Sutton Turner to the fellow executive elders Mark Driscoll and Dave Bruskas was posted by Warren Throckmorton (link).

It is stunning. It will momentarily give you some respect and sympathy for the newly-hired-at-the-time Sutton Turner. 332 more words