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Jesus left the 99 sheep and pursued the one - while Mars Hill Church assures the 99 and ignores the one.

With both Mars Hill Church and Acts 29, the terms “shepherd”, “chief shepherd”, “pastor” and “elder” are spoken of with frequency. Within the strong DNA of both organizations is the prevalent expectation that the members submit to the shepherds or elders. 776 more words

Mark Driscoll & The Road of Repentance

This is a re-post from my article over at Made for More.  Made for More is a great forum for exploring the intersection of life and faith and wrestling with the tough questions that are posed by both.   1,936 more words

Personal Reflections

Mark Driscoll takes a Short-term Leave.

The personality of Mark Driscoll causes many Christians to cheer while others are completely turned off.  Regardless of what you feel towards him and his beliefs – it seems that behind the scenes of Mars Hill (Driscoll’s megachurch), there are major problems. 301 more words

Man Of Faith

Where are the "Real Men" at Mars Hill Church?

Mark Driscoll and Acts 29 are reputed to teach men to stand up and be men. One of the recent conferences to give Mark Driscoll the boot was a conference aptly called “Act Like Men”. 636 more words

the church won't rein in misogyny, but bloggers will

I’m guest posting at Convergent Books today about the Acts 29 Network’s decision to remove Mars Hill from its membership.

My friend, like the evangelical community at large, was captured by Driscoll’s apparently genuine and forthright style.

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Rant time...

So this post was going to be a rant. I wrote about three sentences about the hypocrisy of Christians before I realized I was doing exactly what makes me go on typing rages about other people… I’m the hypocrite; go figure. 510 more words

The 'Charges' Against Mark Driscoll

I don’t follow Mark Driscoll closely or anything, but every list of ‘charges’ I’ve seen lack the essential quality of charges because:

1. they do not specify facts or instances of behaviour; … 415 more words