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"Negative Media Attention" and Mars Hill Church

Mars Hill Church leadership has decried “Negative Media Attention” and blamed it for a decrease in both attendance and giving.

For us ex-members and perhaps many members we see the following… 269 more words

Finally – an ounce of transparency from within Mars Hill Church.

Today a letter from Sutton Turner to the fellow executive elders Mark Driscoll and Dave Bruskas was posted by Warren Throckmorton (link).

It is stunning. It will momentarily give you some respect and sympathy for the newly-hired-at-the-time Sutton Turner. 332 more words

The Information Age: Use Your Google

If we are living in the information age, how are we still so ill informed about


And if we fancy ourselves progressive and open-minded, why do we refuse open dialogue with people of opposing viewpoints? 453 more words

Duck Dynasty

Good and bad reasons to criticize Mark Driscoll

The collapse of Mark Driscoll’s empire should give us plenty to reflect on. The dubious wisdom of megachurches functioning as mini-empires. The unhealthy influence wielded by celebrity pastors in our culture (and our willingness to let them wield it). 853 more words

Mark Driscoll

True [Gospel] Grit: Thoughts from the Acts 29 National Conference #1

Last Friday and Saturday I attended “Leading on the Frontlines”, Acts 29 Australia’s first national conference. I posted some of my pre-conference hopes and dreams last week… 749 more words


Radically change the bylaws...they represent a "deft grab for power." -- Dustin Kensrue

Pastor Dustin Kensrue, in his letter of resignation from Mars Hill Church, says that the Mars Hill Church “bylaws need to be radically changed…” 1,050 more words

Jesus left the 99 sheep and pursued the one - while Mars Hill Church assures the 99 and ignores the one.

With both Mars Hill Church and Acts 29, the terms “shepherd”, “chief shepherd”, “pastor” and “elder” are spoken of with frequency. Within the strong DNA of both organizations is the prevalent expectation that the members submit to the shepherds or elders. 776 more words