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Saying Yes: Atomic Robo RPG

In recent weeks I wrote a series of posts on game-masters who say “No” to player ideas, and how GMs can dramatically increase everyone’s fun at the table by learning to listen and say “Yes.” … 2,025 more words


Six Guns Without Master

I’ve had the idea for a Weird West/Western Horror rpg bouncing around in my head for several years. Recently that idea bounced up against a whole passel of ideas brought up by the excellent… 1,092 more words

Actual Play

Episode 41 - Game of Thrones - Peril in Kings Landing Session 11


Having made a splash at the Opening of the Tourney, The house Grimwood proceeds to the Kings Banquet for an evening of enjoyment and a little bit of Clegane baiting (very very carefully). 72 more words

Actual Play

Referee's Bookshelf: Faith & Flame - The Provençal Tribunal

So, I kicked off my Ars Magica campaign recently, and for this first clutch of sessions the main aim has been to establish the magi characters and their Covenant and give it a geographical and historical context within Mythic Europe. 859 more words

Actual Play