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Roleplay Radio Digest

This week’s post is a bit of a linkdump. I have spoken a lot about roleplaying games over the last couple of months and about how to get started as both a player and as a GM. 626 more words


Turning's big bang: episode four - bullets and blacktop and bankheists OH MY!

at the end of the last episode our players escaped from corporate custody in an armoured car. now they need to evade recapture by the police. 42 more words

Not the Pearl 003


So what usually happens when mean looking dudes keep looking at you. . . somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

Not the Pearl 003


Someone set us up the bomb…

So the group finally succeeded in their mission to set off the Seed of New Life, using it to terraform the Red Waste into an ocean. 413 more words


Eclipse Phase: better luck next time.

in this one shot eclipse phase game Kim, Vorn, and new player James, have to find out what happened to a missing Firewall sentinel. along the way they antagonist an Ultimate, piss off a scum swarm, and have to confront a group of Aztec cultist. 44 more words

Turning's big bang: episode three - balancing the books

in the last episode the players managed to find and begin renovating a secret base to suit their needs.

more importantly they investigated strange signals they heard on the radio. 72 more words

The Samurai Wedding adventure recap, part 1

So, ignore the Topaz Championship that I ran a while ago. I’ll throw up a proper outcome of that later (none of the PCs won, though they did all come pretty high up in the rankings). 642 more words