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KICKSTARTER Special Episode 4 - The Cult Play Fragged Empire


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The Cult get their hands on the Fragged Empire Alpha rules and take them for a spin, a spin in which a combat team is sent into Whisperecho base to retrieve some data from a group of long dead Corporate scientists, who were trying to build a weapon to help their masters the Archons win the Xion War. 48 more words


Expedition to Castle Ravenloft in the 13th Age: Session 0

Familiar Disclamer: I should remind you that even though I’m a veteran DM, I’ve never run the 13th Age befor this game, and I only played a single session at PAX East. 531 more words

Actual Play

Episode 35 - Game of Thrones Peril at Kings Landing Session 9


The Day of the Tourney is getting closer, and preparations are going ahead. This is the Seven Kingdoms however so preparations consist of hiring a mad drunken priest and Poisons. 79 more words


'Main Street' Fiasco Gameplay - Part 2

‘Main Street’ Fiasco – System: Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games

Players: 4

The death of a relative can bring an entire family together – especially if she is filthy rich. 1,048 more words


TOTAL PARTY KILL - [redacted] -EP 4.


– Episode 4

Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of ! The guys are joined by Friend-PCs Antonio and Andy as they play some Night’s Black Agents! 11 more words


13th Age Planescape

The last time I posted about how much I was enjoying a game I was running, things went kerplooey with it. But I’m not a superstitious man, so I think I’ll write about another game I’m enjoying running at the moment. 1,789 more words