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Battle of Sector 001 (Attack Wing AAR)

Took part in another Attack Wing tournament, this time for the Battle of Sector 001. Brought a Klink swarm build, which was a bad idea in retrospect (all the winning builds were 90-point juggernaught setups). 504 more words

Tabletop Gaming

[Mummy's Mask] Wednesday Night Ghoul Fever

“I like to think of my familiar as quantumly entangled.”
— Devin

After a night of rest in the temple of the old goddess Bastet, Raenar the archaeologist awoke to find a cat lying on his chest.

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Role-Playing Games

A Trip to Horizon

So now in the possession of the Seed of New Life, the party struggled with what to do with it. Liath has made the suggestion of using it as a weapon of sorts on the estate of his former master, and slaver extraordinaire, Issik. 604 more words


Way of the Paladin Part 4: Why do bad tanks Exist? Because of you, Ass-hat!

I reached level 15, grabbed my class quest, and then forgot to finish it before heading into my first Dungeon Satasha.

Which is where I made two very bad mistakes. 1,183 more words

The Witterings Of Mawdrigen

Descent - The Masquerade Ball


The Fifth Episode of Descent, in which the players crash the most camp lord in all the kingdoms masquerade ball to try and save him from the other gate crashers, a load of Goblins under the control of an evil Vampiress! 152 more words

Actual Play

Multiple premières the other evening

The day before yesterday I tried a lot of new things:

  • Pen and paper role-playing using Google Hangouts
  • 5th edition D&D
  • Gaming in Forgotten Realms (other than old computer games that is)
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