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Guys and Dohls, Episode 1 - F#@! This Guy

Top Image: Concrete and Chains by Mark Molnar, 2013 © Fantasy Flight Games

Shortly after we arrived in the city, the word went out that we were to meet up with our new boss at a boathouse out by the riverside early the next morning. 1,263 more words

Actual Play

TOTAL PARTY KILL - Assault on Thunderscar - EP 3.

Assault On Thunderscar – Episode 3

Welcome to the return of the NPC Cast ACTUAL PLAY! The guys are joined by Friend-PCs Matt and Kris… 28 more words


ATOW Sixth Session

For those more interested in stitches than tabletop: I’m working on it! It’s often easier to run an ATOW session than find space and time to stitch. 833 more words


Guys and Dohls: The City of Oubliette d'Ivoire

I recently started playing in a game of FATE, best summed up as “Chthulu vs. the Mob.” The name of this little campaign is “Guys and Dohls”, and I figured it was worth blogging about a little. 385 more words


Dwarves in Eden - Trouble in Paradise

After a nearly 2-year hiatus, my group has finally returned to our Dwarves in Eden campaign. We brought in a new player and one of our other semi-regular players decided to burn up a new character as well. 903 more words


ATOW Fifth Session

This was a pretty brief session, since we didn’t have tons of time. A few things were accomplished:

Davrik, taking a risk but wanting to be (somewhat) open with Exetea about his “hidden Loremaster” history after she expressed interest in learning more, handwrote some passages from the forbidden Remembrance and delivered them to her in the morning. 503 more words