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Turning's big bang episode 6 - Si vis pacem, para bellum

this run our heroes begin the march to war, starting with recruitment! they have plans to through a party for superpower peoples of turning out in the desert. 44 more words

BURNING WHEEL: Gift of the Magi

 Burning Wheel! We burned characters and played for a few hours last night.

A recap of the setting and situation details:

Think Game of Thrones. 920 more words

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The debate on how to kill the giant continues, and the boys finally come to some sort of reconciliation of what it means to be level 1.

Oiyn Hamyl 002


Like Tears in Rain...

Like many who are inclined to game, I have over the years steadily surrounded myself with the permanent records of creative endeavors. Books cram together tightly on my shelves, CDs and digital archives of music fill too many spaces, and spill out into inconvenient places. 705 more words

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Episode 48- Kuro - The Four Otaku of Sto'Vo'Korr - Session 5


Due to Scary Ghost Tactics I do not suggest listening to this while you drive your car!

In the Finale of the Kuro campaign the Characters now find themselves directly threatened by the angry ghost of Miyuki Sanso, apart from Chiyo who seemingly doesn’t do Pop-Culture references. 139 more words

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Ep 10 - Savage Worlds and Mass Effect Pt 1


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In this episode:

RpgGamerDad joins GM Florian & his band of big-damn-space-heroes for 2 sessions of their Savage Worlds campaign set in the universe of the Mass Effect video game. 73 more words


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Another one shot, or is it? A new group gets their hands dirty in the fantastical world of Borsia.

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