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What Are Actually Digital Advertising And Public Relations?

Advanced Public Relations and Media Promotion – the new face of Marketing:-

The substance of the Public Relations segment has altered with the development of the Internet. 738 more words

What It's Actually Like Operating With Brad Pitt

We sat down with Logan Lerman, who stars alongside Brad Pitt in the war film Fury, set in Globe War II Germany. Logan opened up and filled us in on what it’;s like getting to know Brad and operating with the esteemed actor. 11 more words

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a full dinner

i’m having a full dinner tonight! well, really it’s just a fruit salad. mostly grapes. actually all grapes. in a cup. okay i’m having wine for dinner. friday night


Designjunction Is A Spot Exactly Where "individuals Can Get Actually Excited About Design" by Beauty and Hairstyle

London Design and style Festival 2014: director Deborah Spencer and creative director Michael Sodeau introduce their highlights from designjunction 2014 in this movie created by Dezeen for the show. 31 more words

Are You Actually Color-Blind?

Take Buzzfeed’s test to see if you are actually color blind.

About 4.5% of people suffer from some kind of color blindness. Are you one of them? 9 more words