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Acupuncture, how does it work?

Almost everyday I will get a new, (and sometimes old), patient that asks, “How does acupuncture work?” Then I have to explain to the patient that to answer that question is not as easy as a + b = c. 416 more words


Acupuncture for Vitality

Most likely you have seen the Yin/Yang symbol before. But have you ever wondered what it is? It is called the taijitu, the Taoist diagram depicting the symmetry and balance that is found nature. 696 more words


Amber Alert Cancelled - Cycle Day 1 - The 411

Well guess who showed up this morning?  Aunt Flo.  This heifer took her behind on a seven day vacation and went AWOL.  Nobody gave this heifer permission to be absent without leave !  416 more words



I went to get a bang trim from Tyson a few days before the party so that I could have one less thing to worry about. 169 more words


Egg Transfer #2

I can’t believe I finally made it to transfer day! It’s the very last appointment I will have for awhile. Surprisingly, it’s kind of a busy day for just getting eggs put back in. 368 more words

82 Video blog - Are people mirrors of ourselves intro video

This is a video introduction to my new series of written blogs. Feel free to leave a comment and do forward the blog to anyone who you think it might be useful for.

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