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Stuck with Needles

Today I willingly allowed someone to stick 10 needles in my ears.   This was my first experience with Auricular Acupuncture.   A good friend has been attending these sessions for over a year and raved about how it was such a calming experience and has contributed to reduced anxiety and depression.   182 more words

Latent Pathogenic Factors in Chinese Medicine

There is a category of illness in Chinese Medicine that Western Medicine is so far unable to describe. In the ancient texts, it is referred to as latent pathogenic factors (LPF). 493 more words

Acupuncture Treatment

On grief

Today marks the 1 month anniversary of my dad’s passing.  Witnessing a loved one’s death changes you.  It just does.  I am OK.  But I am different. 282 more words


Tennis Elbow: The Needle Rivals Platelet Injections

There are many explanations for the mechanisms of acupuncture. With regards to the nervous system, acupuncture can stimulate or inhibit transmission of nerve impulses with respect to the needle location and type of stimulation applied by the acupuncturist. 439 more words



Many days you find yourself right back where you started.

The short story which remains unfinished; the screenplay which remains unstarted; the photo organization photo stalled; the kitchen still dirty. 324 more words


Say goodbye to pain

This year National Pain Week  (July 21-27) is being celebrated by creating awareness that PAIN IS AGELESS.

Pain is one way that your body can tell you that something is wrong and needs attention.  835 more words


Heavy Heart on Horseback: My Pilgrimage Through Mustang

Mustang lies in the north-central part of Nepal, bordering Tibet (now sadly referred to as China).

The Kingdom of Mustang​ in Nepal​​, despite the connotation,​ has nothing to do with mustangs​!​ ​Mustangs are in fact, truly American, feral horses. 1,868 more words