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{GALLERIA] Acura NSX Prototype Burns on the Ring!

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July|25 – Acura new NSX has been out in concept land long enough, so long we cant wait that often people forgets that there is even a Acura/Honda electric supercar on the way, however thats changes yesterday when Honda was testing the Acura/Honda NSX prototype on the Nürburgring, when all of a sudden the car caught fire and burned to the ground, the photo gallery below are photographs from car and driver and are not own by SMADE MEDIA


Cause Of Honda NSX Prototype Fire At The Nürburgring Identified

A Honda NSX Prototype recently burst into flames when being tested hard at the Nürburgring. According to World Car Fans‘ sources, the fire started in the back of the vehicle when two batteries exploded. 39 more words


Acura pushes NSX to the limits on the Nürburgring... Literally

Not long ago, we brought you spy shots of a production-ready Acura NSX on Germany’s Nürburgring racetrack. Now, just two days later, the Acura NSX prototype has met its untimely death, and it was a painful one. 134 more words

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New Honda NSX Prototype Goes Up In Flames At The Nürburgring

A Honda NSX prototype had went up in flames while being tested at the Nürburgring. The fire started in the engine compartment and the entire vehicle was consumed by the flames within a short period of time. 14 more words


New acura tl sedan hd picture wallpaper for 2014

Many people are looking for this amazing picture of acura tl sedan hd picture wallpaper. Make sure that you download it now for your laptop. 103 more words