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A Word from Steve Jobs about Presentations

I believe that if I follow these principles in all my graphic design work I’ll be doing some great work!

  1. Plan your presentation with pen and paper.
  2. 556 more words

One in Ten Digital Ads Is Fake

More than one in ten ad impressions is fraudulent, but fraud rates vary widely between verticals and reflect their media buying preferences, according to a new report. 325 more words


Death by a Thousand Cuts, or 10

So Cosmo, let’s talk about… 10 everyday things that you’ll learn to detest in your career.

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, “death by a thousand cuts” simply means that something is broken down or destroyed slowly over time. 886 more words

Hey look, a win!

So Cosmo, let’s talk about… recognizing a win.

A few weeks ago an account manager came into the creative room and said that a client had chosen to move forward with a concept I had created. 864 more words

Philippine Advertising Agencies

If you are looking for Advertising Agencies in the Philippines, then there are many options to choose from:

Facebook Places

Examples are Team Onground Inc. 137 more words


On Being Territorial

So Cosmo, let’s talk about… being territorial.

Advertising is one of those industries where your job title doesn’t properly indicate the beginning and ending to your responsibilities. 489 more words